Can Hot Tubs Help Nerve Pain?

Originally created to help with Rheumatoid Arthritis pain, hot tubs today provide endless benefits for individuals worldwide. Hydrotherapy treats muscle pain, eases tension and helps with inflammatory disease among many other things. Dealing with nerve pain can be debilitating, and there are often few measures that can truly help. However, with the combination of warm water and jets, a hot tub might just become your new best friend if you’re dealing with pain. Here’s how it works.

How Hot Tubs Help Ease Pain

Hydrotherapy is a form of water therapy that helps soothe all types of pain. The warmth of the water alone eases pain in your joints and helps to relax your muscles. It also allows you to comfortably exercise as the water lets you move about in a weightless way. This can help improve your strength and overall fitness in a very safe environment and is often used in rehabilitation. 

When it comes to the actual jets and how they’re able to help you, Hydropool offers spas with multiple zones to target specific areas of concern. These designs allow you to pinpoint certain parts of your body where you might be feeling pain. It is more often than not an ongoing struggle when it comes to relieving nerve pain. It might be consistent pain for some, and for others, it might come and go in waves. Regardless of how often or persistent your pain is, taking some time to relax in a hot tub and allowing the jets to work their magic is surely worth a shot. Because nerve pain is sometimes caused by inflammation or injury, a hot tub’s heat and the jet systems can help diminish pain. Overall, the hot tub components together allow for improved mental and physical health and tension relief.

Another common question that goes hand in hand with nerve pain is whether or not a hot tub can help sciatica nerve pain specifically. The simple answer is yes! It surely can’t hurt to try it out to see if it can help any sciatica pain you might be experiencing. Because of the thickness of the tissue in this area of our bodies, the heat of a hot tub will encourage blood flow to that area which actually speeds up healing. This, combined with the jets that massage this area, can relieve any tension or pressure you might feel. 

Many people with persistent pain have benefited from regularly spending some time in a hot tub. Alone, water holds many healing properties and can leave us feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. However, add warm water and massage jets into the mix, and you’re bound to receive some of the many incredible benefits of hot tubs.

How Hydropool’s Zone Therapy Can Help Relieve Your Pain

Hydropool Zone Therapy was designed to create multiple massage options that could be customized for your specific needs and preferences. Zone Therapy is used to help with back pain, leg pain, headaches, stress and much more. Hydropool’s Ergonomic hot tub seating provides different options to comfortably fit anyone, and the different massage zones work to relieve areas that need it most. 

The first zone is known as the Core Zone, which focuses on shoulders and mid back to help with nerve and muscle pain. Tension in this area of one’s body can typically lead to headaches or an overall reduced ability to move about freely. Massage jets in these specific areas help with this. 

The second zone is the Lower Body Zone and targets the lower back, hips, thighs, and even your wrists. This zone helps improve the overall circulation of these areas and improve mobility. 

Zone three is the Upper Body Zone, which focuses on muscles at the base of your skull, shoulders and across your upper back. Many people carry stress within this area of their back, and having tightness here can cause stiff neck or reduced mobility. These jets help relax tense muscles without making pain or injury any worse. 

The last zone is the Reflexology Zone, which includes your ankles and feet. Easing pain in specific parts of your feet can help with a number of issues that you might be feeling through the rest of your body. 

Regardless of where you need relief or which part of your body might be injured, Hydropool hot tubs include massage therapy that targets it all. Oftentimes, when it comes to pain and especially the kind that runs deeper and begins affecting all other parts of your body, it might seem like an impossible task to find relief. However, Hydropool hot tubs provide you with exactly what you need to begin feeling more like yourself again. 

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