Finding Your Ideal Swim Spa

Many factors are important when deciding on the best swim spas. One person may find a swim spa perfect for them, but it might not be ideal for someone else. The space you have for your spa, its intended audience, and your budget are all factors to consider when deciding which one is right for you.

Hydropool has three distinct lines of swim spas: the Play Collection, Aquatic Collection, and the Executive Collection. There might be one within these collections that will meet all your needs. Below is a breakdown of each collection to help you decide which one would suit your needs and wants the most.

Swim Spas That Combine Fun and Exercise:

Hydropool’s AquaPlay 12FFP was designed with everyone in mind. This swim spa offers all the features you need for a home gym, including treadmill technology and various exercise options. The Hydropool Water Watch, which is compatible with the spa, will monitor your exercise performance as you’re in the spa. This is a handy feature that will help anyone who wants to improve their fitness. This swim spa also has accessories that allow you to add workout bands that provide the opportunity to get both an upper and lower body exercise in. You can exercise in the ways you want, whether you are looking to benefit from rowing with these bands, or walking, through the treadmill experience.

This model is fun for all ages, even though it was designed for exercise. It is great for little ones who want to play in the pool, ride the jets and practice their swimming skills. Everyone can enjoy the same fun that they would in a full-sized pool while unwinding at night with a relaxing spa experience.

Spas Made With The Swimmer In Mind:

Next is the Aquatic Collection. This collection was designed with athletes in mind. There are many options available so you can choose the one that suits you best. These spas provide a great environment for swimmers, whether you are a professional or a casual swimmer. You can customize your swimming routine by choosing the jet function you prefer. This compact pool offers all the benefits of a full-length swimming pool but is small enough to fit in your home.

There are many options available in this collection. You can choose whether you want a swim spa that has the hot tub and swimming part in one section or have them separate. This addition to your home will be a hit with everyone, thanks to the many options and unique aspects. This collection includes spas that suit every taste, from the AquaSport 14 AX to the AquaTrainer 19, DTAX.

Larger Swim Spa Options:

The Executive Collection is last but not least. This collection offers both Sport and Training options, as these swim spas function similarly to the ones previously mentioned. These Executive spas provide a great experience and offer more space. Due to the fact that they are larger than the previously mentioned collections, they would make for a wonderful additional to any open space you’re hoping to fill. Created to accommodate all your swimming, hot tub and fitness needs, this line offers many wonderful options.

What Are You Looking For In A Swim Spa?

Now that you know more about the various swim spa collections, you can determine what you would like from your spa experience. What are the most important features that your swim spa should have? Do you swim a lot, or would you rather have a low-impact workout in your own home?  Hydropool’s swim spas offer many features, including ergonomic seats, various jet options and self-cleaning capabilities. To decide which one is best for you, you can compare the different options to better decide which features are most important.

Everybody has a different idea of perfection, but Hydropool offers many options, so you can be confident that you will find the right swim spa for you. Download our buyer’s guide today to learn what to look for to select the ideal swim spa for you.

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