How a Swim Spa Helps Ease Aches and Pains

Swim spas have become popular with swimming fanatics in urban areas because they have a much smaller footprint than a full-sized swimming pool. The powerful current they generate helps to keep the swimmer in one spot while they swim which allows for a much shorter tank. In fact, properly dialed in, the swimmer will never reach the end of the pool. But a swim spa is much more than a glorified mini swimming pool. Because of the smaller volume of water, they can also act like a hot tub. Most swim spas already have seating areas with massaging water jets. All you have to do is turn up the water temperature to create a hot tub-like environment. Along with the exercise it provides, this is how a swim spa helps ease aches and pains through heated massage. To learn more about the therapeutic benefits of a swim spa, check out this post.

A Swim Spa For Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy is simply the use of water to help manage pain and injuries. The fact that a swim spa has massaging jets and the ability to superheat the water makes it ideal for those who suffer from pain caused by injury or overexertion; diseases such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, and sciatica; or chronic conditions such as stress. Whether you’re employing exercise, massage, or simple relaxation to deal with your aches and pains, the swim spa provides the ultimate venue for all types of treatments.

The Unique Properties Of Water

Water is a great medium for pain relief due to several unique properties. It provides buoyancy to the body which can relieve pressure on aching bones and joints. This also allows people who cannot perform high-impact exercises to remain active without exacerbating their conditions.

Water also provides a level of resistance that can be used as a safety mechanism or an exercise intensifier. This makes it ideal for those with balance issues, mobility problems, or a limited range of motion. It can virtually eliminate the possibility of injury due to falling. Water-resistance also pushes back with as much force as you apply. This allows you to tailor your movements to your abilities – something that may not be possible with free weights or other types of exercise equipment.

The Benefits Of Warm Water And Massage

Warm water is great for reducing stress – both physically and mentally. Warm water relaxes the muscles which can, in turn, relax the mind.

Physically speaking, warm water increases the body temperature which elevates the heart rate, increases blood flow, causes the blood vessels to dilate, and reduces blood pressure. The improved circulation increases the flow of the blood around injured and damaged tissues which helps promote repair and regeneration processes. Hydrotherapy has also been shown to help increase the production of hormones that alleviate pain.

For those who suffer from mental stress, spending time in the warm, massaging water of a swim spa can be a great panacea. It helps relax the muscles, calms down the central nervous system, and floods the body with pleasure-inducing endorphins. It regulates breathing and reduces blood pressure. Many of these processes are similar to what occurs during meditation. In fact, meditating while relaxing in your swim spa is an ideal method for reducing mental stress.

The Benefits Of Water Exercise

Not only can a swim spa provide a venue for relaxation and massage, but it also allows you to complete a challenging workout as well. Those who suffer from chronic pain and stress are often prescribed exercise as a remedy. However, the pain and injury exacerbation caused by dry land exercise can be worse than the cure. The unique properties of water can allow someone who cannot exercise on dry land to be freely mobile in a swim spa. Swimming, aerobics, and resistance training can all be performed in a swim spa with reduced levels of physical stress compared with similar exercises done on dry land.

Now that you’ve learned how a swim spa helps relieve aches and pains, download a free buyer’s guide for additional information.

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