How Deep Is a Hot Tub?

Many people ask us about how deep a hot tub is before buying because knowing the dimensions is an important part of planning. Before you can figure out the best space in your yard for a hot tub, you should take a look at all its measurements. This includes its width, length, height and depth.

Particularly, if you’re planning on digging out a space for your hot tub to rest in the ground, you will need to be informed of these measurements. The height and depth of your hot tub are also significant where safety is concerned. Something as simple as planning out how accessible it will be for people to enter and exit carefully relies on knowing the height of your tub. But how do you know if it will work within your specific space? How can you ensure the safety of its users? Below, we answer these questions and more.

The Difference Between Height & Depth

One fact about hot tubs is that the height and depth measurements are actually two different measurements. Many of us might assume they’re the same thing, but where hot tubs, pools or swim spas are involved, they actually represent two different numbers. 

The height measurement is from the bottom of the hot tub to the tip of the exterior wall. In contrast, the depth of your hot tub will be what you would measure to find the water content. This measurement will show you where the waterline typically ends, whereas the overall height of the tub generally sits about 5 to 6 inches above that.  

This is important to keep in mind when purchasing a hot tub for a variety of reasons. Although you might look at the description of a hot tub and see “a 38-inch hot tub,” you shouldn’t expect to be sitting in 38 inches of water. Instead, your water level will typically be about a few inches less than that mark, normally around 33 or so. Although it’s necessary to prioritize mentioning the height of the overall tub rather than the depth of water you will have, it’s still important as a consumer to keep both in mind. 

When referring to the height of your hot tub, mechanisms used to run it are accounted for within that dimension. For instance, parts like the jets, pump, etc., all add to the overall calculation of how much water will be in your hot tub. Therefore, if you’re very tall and looking for a hot tub to fit your size and needs, it’s important to note the difference between height and depth.

Is There a Standard Hot Tub Height?

Even though, on average, most hot tubs are about 36 inches high, there is no one standard hot tub height. Because every make and model will differ, your hot tub might fall anywhere between 34 and 42 inches. Any hot tub within that range would be considered fairly common, and anything over would typically be a custom-made tub. Hot tubs that have a greater height are, of course, better for those who are taller, and hot tubs on the lower end of this range are better for smaller people.

Why The Height’s Important to Know

There are certain aspects to keep in mind when referring to the height of your hot tub. For instance, hot tubs do not technically require any steps for exiting and entering. However, this could become somewhat of an issue if your hot tub is much higher than the people using it. As a result, many people will choose to include steps, so knowing the overall height is important for determining how many you’ll need. Although not everyone will go this route, for many, this makes for a safer, more reliable way to get in and out of your hot tub, especially if you have one that’s a bit higher.

In terms of safety, this measurement is also very important when the installation is involved. The higher the tub, the more space you’ll need to dig for hot tubs buried in the ground. Questions you can ask yourself at this time include: How much of it would you ideally like above ground? What is the most practical approach to this? And, will you have a deck surrounding your hot tub? Because knowing the height of your hot tub helps determine the measurements of many other things during the time of installation. However, by hiring a reputable, experienced professional to install your hot tub, you can feel confident knowing it’s done right.

Being informed on the different aspects of a hot tub before purchasing will ensure no surprises later on. Download our free buyer’s guide and learn more.

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