How Do Self-Cleaning Hot Tubs Work?

Most people who use hot tubs have very little understanding of how much work it can take to keep the hot tub water clean and safe. They simply soak their bones, towel off and forget about it. But without conscientious hot tub maintenance, it can quickly become an uncomfortable and possibly even dangerous place. Hydropool understands more than anyone that you should spend more time soaking in a hot tub and less time cleaning it. That’s why they invented the Self-Cleaning hot tub. How do Self-Cleaning hot tubs work? We go over the necessary steps of hot tub maintenance and what Hydropool has done to reduce the time and effort required for that maintenance.

How Do You Keep a Hot Tub Clean?

There are a handful of duties associated with keeping a hot tub clean. They include keeping the water chemistry balanced, keeping the water filters clean and emptying, cleaning and refilling the hot tub with fresh water regularly.

Water Chemistry Balance

To keep your water chemistry balanced, you need to perform simple tests on a sample of the hot tub water. The results of these tests will let you know what chemicals, if any, you need to add to the water. Hydropool’s Self-Cleaning hot tubs reduce your reliance on chemicals by as much as 50%. This not only saves you time, but it also saves you money.

Water Filters

Water filters remove the larger particles of dirt and debris from the water and prevent the clogging of the water pump, heater and plumbing. They also keep the water clearer and prevent odours. Water filters need to be rinsed at least once a month and deep cleaned every three to four months. They should be replaced every year or when they begin to break down.

Emptying, Cleaning and Refilling

Emptying the hot tub allows for a thorough cleaning of the shell and a fresh start with clean tap water. Hot tubs should be drained, cleaned and refilled three to four times per year. The cleaner the hot tub remains, the less often this will need to be done.

The Benefits of Hydropool’s Self-Cleaning Hot Tubs

Although a Self-Cleaning hot tub won’t eliminate the need for cleaning and maintenance, it will significantly reduce the amount of time and effort required for those tasks. As mentioned, Self-Cleaning hot tubs can use 50% fewer chemicals than regular hot tubs while 99.9% of waterborne pathogens are eliminated.

High Flow Water Filtration Design

Hydropool hot tubs are designed to cycle through the entire contents of the water tank in 15 minutes. This means that Hydropool hot tubs filter the water faster than any other hot tub on the market. The result is cleaner, clearer water and reduced need for maintenance tasks.

Optimized Water Flow

While Hydropool shells are designed for comfort they’re also designed with efficient water flow in mind. This means that the seating and water jets are placed in such a manner that floating dirt and debris are automatically directed towards a high flow skimmer which filters the dirt from the water. You won’t find pockets or whirlpools of floating debris in Hydropool hot tubs.

Floor Vacuum

Hydropool Self-Cleaning hot tubs also have a powerful Hydroclean Floor Vacuum System that automatically sucks up any dirt and debris that settles on the hot tub floor. This eliminates the need for a separate vacuum system and the associated manual vacuuming while also improving the distribution of chemical additives.


Hydropool Self-Cleaning hot tubs have a pressurized microfiltration system that removes particles as small as five microns in size to ensure crystal clear water. The filter system is teamed up with a chemical feeder to allow the filtered water to be chemically treated before being pumped back into the shell.

Ozone and UV Light Water Treatment

Ozone and ultraviolet light are also used to neutralize pathogens that exist in the hot tub water. The water is passed through a patented ozone MicroCell which oxidizes the protective layers of pathogenic cells. The oxidized water is then treated with UV light which targets the pathogen DNA and inhibits their reproductive abilities.

To find out more about Hydropool Self-cleaning hot tubs, download a free buyer’s guide today.

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