How Do Swim Spas Keep You Fit?

Swim spas are a popular home-based aquatic recreation option for those who don’t have room to fit a full-sized swimming pool or a lap pool on their property. The fact that swim spas generate a current to keep a swimmer stationary as they paddle means that swim spa tanks are often less than a third of the size of their larger counterparts. But how do swim spas keep you fit? In this article, we go over the ways that using a swim spa can increase your fitness.

Using Swim Spas to Keep You Fit

In this day and age when we’re constantly being told that we’re overweight as a society, finding new ways to burn calories and keep fit is at the top of many of our minds. Water-based activities are a popular way to exercise because, at the very least, they’re fun. But there are also other health benefits that can be derived from exercising in swim spas.

Low Impact Exercise

Water buoyancy reduces the weight carried by our bodies. For those who have been told that they should avoid high impact exercise, taking to the water is a great way to reduce impact. Pressure on the joints and bones is greatly reduced when exercising in water compared to doing it on dry land.

High Resistance Exercise

The resistance provided by water can make exercises that are done on land feel much more challenging. Simply swinging your arms back and forth in the water can make it feel like your shoulders are carrying a heavy load. Exercise in your swim spa and you’ll burn more calories in less time.

Stable Exercise

Those who suffer from mobility issues or poor balance can be stabilized when exercising in water. There’s little risk of falling down. You’re also able to perform movements that might be considered dangerous if done on dry land. Stabilize your movements with the help of your swim spa.


Of course, swimming is the first exercise that one would think about when using a swim spa. It’s great for cardiovascular fitness while also increasing the strength of your entire upper body and parts of your lower body as well. Swim spas provide a compact space that allows swimmers of all abilities to get in a good workout. Swim spas that come with automated fitness programs can guide you through a variety of speeds and swimming strokes without having to constantly adjust the settings.

Exercise Accessories

There are plenty of different swim spa accessories that can be used to vary your swim spa workout. Rowing attachments allow you to row without an actual boat or a rowing machine. Flutter boards can be used to isolate certain muscle groups and improve your swimming technique. Resistance bands can be used in the swim spa to work out several different types of muscle groups with added stability provided by the water. Add weight belts or water fins to your arms and legs to increase resistance and boost the intensity of your exercise. You can even get a treadmill for your swim spa that will allow you to walk or run in the water and vastly decrease the impact felt by your joints and bones.

Non-Accessory Water-Based Exercise

Movements that you’d perform in a yoga routine or during a Zumba class can also be performed in the water. The water can help with balance and stability to make certain movements easier. Conversely, the water can provide resistance to make some movements more challenging. Styles of exercise such as HIIT training easily transfer to the water and make an energetic workout even more intense. Think about exercises that you perform on dry land and figure out if you can make them more interesting, challenging or exciting in the swim spa.

These are some of the ways that a swim spa can keep you fit. Download a free buyer’s guide for more information.

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