How Far Away from the House Does a Hot Tub Need to Be?

Portable hot tubs are prized for their versatility and their ability to be installed almost anywhere. But when deciding on an installation location for a hot tub, there are a few things that should be kept in mind. For example, how far away from the house does a hot tub need to be? Is there a limit when it comes to a hot tub’s proximity to a house or other structure? In this piece, we’ll go over some of the factors that should be considered when assessing the placement of a hot tub.

Electrical Considerations

Unless you’ve gone old school and have a fire-powered hot tub, it’s most likely that your hot tub will require an electrical connection to run the water pumps and heater. The type of connection depends on whether you have a 220 volt, hardwired hot tub or a 110 volt, plug and play model. Hardwired hot tubs require the professional installation of a GFCI breaker panel and specialized electrical outlet. In a way, this provides you with more flexibility on installation location because you’ll be custom building an electrical connection. If, on the other hand, you have a plug and play hot tub, you can plug it into a regular three-pronged electrical outlet. Since you don’t want to be using an extension cord to power your hot tub, you might be limited as to how far away from your house you place the hot tub. Being able to reach an existing electrical socket may dictate where your hot tub can go.

Water Considerations

Hot tubs need to be topped up with water regularly to make up for evaporation, splashes and water carried out by the users. In fact, most bathers remove about a gallon of water from a hot tub every time they get out. You’ll also need to completely drain the hot tub a few times every year to allow for proper cleaning. Having easy access to a water source will make your hot tubbing life much simpler. Often, all this involves is a garden hose. If you don’t already have a water spigot on the outside of your house you may need to invest in a hose that attaches to your kitchen sink or get a plumber to install an outdoor tap. Unless you don’t mind using and maintaining an extra-long garden hose, placing the hot tub closer to the water source will make things easier.

Drainage Considerations

If your hot tub is too close to your house, you might run into problems when draining your hot tub. You want to ensure water is directed away from the foundation of your house so that you don’t end up with flooding issues. Excessive splashing over long periods could also cause problems if the hot tub was too close to your house. Take a look at your drainage situation and ensure you’re able to eliminate several hundred gallons of water without causing problems for your house.

Overhead Considerations

If your hot tub is too close to your house, it may be affected by the overhanging roof or eavestrough system. Leaking or overflowing eavestroughs can quickly affect your water chemistry and lead you to use more chemicals or having to drain your hot tub more than normal. In the winter, hanging icicles or snow falling off the roof can create a dangerous situation for hot tub users. You’ll also want to make sure the hot tub is clear of any overhead power lines or other types of wiring. Before deciding on your hot tub’s location, look up to see if there’s any potential for problems.

With a better idea of how far away from the house a hot tub needs to be, download a free buyer’s guide for more information.

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