How Fast Can You Swim in a Swim Spa?

With the rules concerning the global pandemic continually in flux, many people have found themselves without access to their local swimming pool. For those whose primary method of exercise is swimming, this can be extremely concerning. This concern has led to a surge in the sales of swim spas. Swim spas are actually more versatile than full-sized swimming pools. They can be installed in much smaller spaces than that required for a full-sized pool. The smaller volume of water also allows them to operate in any type of weather conditions. Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you have to close down your pool. But is it actually possible to swim normally in a swim spa? And how fast can you swim in a swim spa? In this article, we’ll cover these questions and more.

Can You Actually Swim in A Swim Spa?

There’s no doubt that you can swim in a swim spa, but the quality of your experience depends on the type of swim spa you use. A good swim spa needs a strong current to hold the swimmer in place. The current also needs to be easily and precisely adjustable to allow for different types of swimming strokes and different strengths of swimmers. The smoother the current the easier it is to swim. Too much turbulence and you’ll find yourself thrown off your stroke and struggling to maintain proper balance. Better quality swim spas will also have a wider swimming lane. This is the area in which the current flows. If the swimming lane is too narrow you may find one side of your body ending up outside the current which will make it difficult to maintain a natural stroke.

What to Look for In A Swim Spa

There are a few things you should keep your eye on when shopping for a swim spa. You’ll end up with a much smoother swim and a swim spa that gets much more use.

Water Pump Power

To truly ascertain the power of the water pumps, you should pay attention to the gallons per minute rating rather than the horsepower. Horsepower may refer to the amount of power the pumps use, but it’s the actual amount of water that the pumps move that will affect your stroke the most. There are many different water pumps that have the same horsepower rating, but the difference in the tank will be felt by the amount of water being displaced.

Electronic Valves

Valves control the strength of the water current. If the swim spa has manual valves, which are normally found in hot tubs, the current range will be severely limited. Electronic valves give you much more control over the speed of the water current.

Low Turbulence Tank

Turbulence is the biggest enemy of the swim spa swimmer. The more turbulence, the more difficult it is to stay in the middle of the current and the tougher it becomes to maintain proper technique. It’s been found that uniformly rectangular swim spas actually create more turbulence. The current bounces back off the back wall and interferes with itself. Look for a design where this type of bounce back is minimized. This is often the reason you’ll find seating at the far end of the swim spa. The rounded seats allow the water to curl around and move back along the sides of the tank rather than directly confronting the oncoming current.

How Fast Can You Swim in A Swim Spa?

Top-quality swim spas will give you the widest range of swimming speeds possible. Different models may exhibit different powers – some more suitable to children and families and others created for competitive swimming training. The Aquaflex Current Control found on Hydropool swim spas will allow you to adjust the current anywhere from 3 km/h to 18 km/h. When you consider that Olympic champion swimmer Michael Phelps was estimated to have a top swimming speed of about 10 km/h, you know that this swim spa will meet all your needs.

To learn more about swim spa speeds and power, download a free buyer’s guide today.

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