How Heavy is a Hot Tub?

Hot tubs are very versatile appliances. They can be used for relaxation, socializing, exercise as well as therapeutic purposes. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and work just as well indoors as out. But for all the flexibility that a hot tub offers, where you situate it will be one of your more important decisions you need to make. A hot tub that’s full of water and people can weigh much more than many might think. Before you take the plunge you should be asking how heavy is a hot tub and where will I put it? To help you come to some decisions, we’ve put together this article.

The Hot Tub Base

You can’t just set your hot tub on your lawn. Nor should you put it on a deck without having done some calculations about the amount of weight your deck can withstand. A hot tub that isn’t placed on a stable and level base is in danger of shifting, cracking and outright failing. So what kind of base should a hot tub be placed upon? There are many different materials on which you can put a hot tub, but the most important criterion is that it’s level.

Poured concrete pads are a popular option because they can be made level as they’re being built. But some experience with concrete is usually necessary. Concrete paver blocks can also be used, but getting them level can be a little more difficult compared with poured concrete. Leveling the ground properly before laying down the pavers is key.

A bed of gravel is appealing because it’s a low cost option and provides good drainage. You’ll need to dig out an area in the ground to about six inches in depth before laying down a protective membrane to prevent plant growth. A bed of medium sized gravel is placed on the membrane and then covered with a layer of finer gravel.

Prefabricated hot tub pads are a relatively new innovation that have greatly reduced the labour associated with creating a hot tub base. Typically made of high density plastic they are lightweight and easily assembled – even by the inexperienced.

Decks are a popular location for hot tubs, but often the deck is built around a hot tub that is sitting on the ground. If you plan on putting the hot tub on the surface of a deck, especially one that’s more than a foot off the ground, you’re going to need to do some calculations to ensure the deck can withstand the weight of the hot tub. Your hot tub dealership and a structural engineer can help.

How Heavy Is A Hot Tub?

Of course, with the wide variety of hot tubs available on the market, there will be a large variation in the actual weights of each type of hot tub. It’s also important to recognize that the weight of the water and the people inside of the hot tub will be much greater than the weight of the hot tub itself.

If you’re asking how heavy is a hot tub, the product spec sheet is the best place to start. This will tell you the dry weight of the hot tub. Often it will also tell you the weight when it’s full of water. At the very least it will tell you the volume of water that the hot tub holds and this will allow you to calculate the hot tub’s weight when full of water and people.

To learn more about hot tub specifications, download a free buyer’s guide today.

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