How Much Do Swim Spas Cost With Installation?

Knowing your overall budget for a swim spa also includes the cost, planning, and time it will take for installation. These factors are influenced by your preferences, needs and the space you have for your swim spa. Since so many factors depend on specifics, it’s safe to say that there is no one set budget for a swim spa installation. With that said, below is a range of what you can expect to spend, depending on how you’re planning to have your swim spa installed.

What is Your Budget For a Swim Spa?

When it comes to figuring out your budget when buying a swim spa, many factors come into play. For example, of course, additional features or accessories will increase the cost of a swim spa. The more luxurious features, the higher the price will be. In general, swim spas can range anywhere from 7,000 to 40,000 dollars. The cost of the swim spa you choose will depend on your budget, preferences, and needs. But what can you expect from the cost of installation?

There are numerous steps involved with installing a swim spa. If you’d like to have it installed above-ground, there’s a good chance you will need to have a concrete pad installed to ensure it has sufficient support. This will likely cost a few thousand dollars. Alternatively, if you’d like your swim spa installed in-ground, a few more steps will be involved. With this type of installation, an excavation crew will be required to dig a hole for your swim spa. It’s always important to hire professionals because it involves digging where utility lines might be and because water and electricity are within the same area. Therefore, it’s crucial to have seasoned experts come in to do this work for you. You’re typically looking at around 2,000 to 4,000 dollars for an in-ground swim spa installation.

Also included within the installation cost is transporting and delivering your swim spa. A crane will be required in many cases, especially for larger and heavier spas. Generally speaking, a crane rental will run you around 500 to 1,500 dollars, depending on your location.

When it comes time for any electrical work to be done upon installation, we recommend hiring a licensed electrician. The cost of hiring a good electrician will likely be 800 to 1,500 dollars and depends on their experience and where you’re located. When looking at all the costs together, it’s a good idea to consider that the installation cost will be influenced by the shape, size and weight of your swim spa.

When it’s all said and done, the cost for an above-ground swim spa installation will likely be around 3,000 to 5,000 dollars. Alternatively, an in-ground installation will be significantly more because of excavation, plumbing and electrical work, required structural support, and more. Many people will also choose to do landscape work upon planning their swim spa installation. So, if you’re thinking of turning your backyard into an oasis, here’s what you should keep in mind.

Are you Doing Any Landscaping?

Although not everyone will require landscape work after installing their swim spa, if you’re planning on doing so, you should be calculating that into your budget. For example, whether you’re looking to include brickwork, decking, lighting, etc., there are endless options to choose from, and all of those things will affect the amount you spend on installation.

Even though there are different costs included with installing a swim spa, swim spas provide countless benefits for you to receive for years to come. If you’d like to learn about finding the perfect swim spa for you, download our free buyer’s guide today.

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