How Much Electricity Does a Swim Spa Use?

The worldwide pandemic has drastically changed our relationships with exercise. No longer is popping down to the gym or local community center an easy option. Lockdowns, closures, and fear of the virus have all conspired to make it harder for us to get in our regular workouts. This is even more apparent if your favorite exercise is swimming – especially in the winter. But there is still a solution for the inveterate swimmer – the swim spa. Much smaller than a full-sized swimming pool, it’s possible to operate a swim spa even in the coldest weather. And while that may sound like a godsend for landlocked paddlers, there are always the inevitable questions about the cost of operation. For example, how much electricity does a swim spa use? To help educate you on the general areas of power consumption of a swim spa and how to limit them, we’ve put together this article.

Swim Spa Size

With all else being the same, the bigger the swim spa the more power it will use. Because it holds a larger volume of water, a bigger swim spa will require more energy to heat the water and to generate the current. Many of the larger swim spas on the market these days have an extra tank for lounging and raising the water temperatures to hot tub levels. Running the hot tub jets at full power while keeping the temperature maxed out will obviously add to the electrical load. Even those swim spas that don’t have a second tank can double as a hot tub by turning up the temperature. Heating water is one of the most power-dependent functions of a swim spa, so the more water you’re heating, the more power will be required.

Outdoor Temperatures

The colder it is outside, the more power you’ll need to draw in order to keep the water temperature comfortable. That said, at least the swim spa gives you the option to swim during the winter months! You don’t have that kind of luxury with a full-sized outdoor swimming pool. To reduce your reliance on the water heater, make sure to replace the cover whenever the swim spa is lying dormant. This will help the water retain heat and significantly reduce your energy bills. If you plan on using your swim spa during the winter, pay upfront for a fully insulated cabinet and you will pay far less on your water heating bills.

Running the Water Heater

You couldn’t be blamed if you believe that you could save on electricity consumption by turning off the water heater when the swim spa wasn’t being used. However, the cost of bringing the water back up to operating temperatures every time you want to use the swim spa will cost you more than allowing the water heater to run constantly. If you’re going on holiday or won’t be using the swim spa for several weeks, it may make more sense to turn off the water heater. But if you’re using the swim spa on a regular basis, keep the heater running and maintain a steady water temperature.

Peak Electricity Consumption Hours

Some municipalities try to regulate energy use by charging higher rates during peak electricity consumption hours. If this is the case where you live, you may find significant savings by timing your swim spa use to coordinate with the lower-rated hours. This may not actually reduce your consumption of electricity, but it will reduce your power bills.

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