How Often Should I Change Water in Swim Spa?

Swim spas are known as places to keep fit, have fun and spend time with family and friends. However, in order to be able to do all that, you need to ensure your water is fresh and clean. Dirty water or imbalanced water chemistry can lead to serious problems – both health-wise and mechanically speaking. A regular maintenance schedule can help make sure your swim spa water remains safe to use. If you’re asking questions such as, “When should I test the water?” or “How often should I change the water in swim spa tanks?” we’ve put together this article for you.

Tips for Keeping Your Swim Spa Clean

There are certain things you can do that will decrease the amount of maintenance required by your swim spa. For example, showering before swimming will reduce the number of contaminants that will affect your water chemistry. Residues of soaps, lotions, and other products can react with the sanitizers and chemicals in the water. Allowing your bathing suits to air dry after washing can also neutralize traces of fabric softener and soap. Faithfully replacing the swim spa cover after it’s been used will also reduce the amount of airborne debris that dirties the water and affects the chemical balance. It’s also important to trust your senses when it comes to water cleanliness. Water that appears cloudy feels oily, or has a strong odor should be tended to more closely. If it feels like something is off, it probably is.

Creating A Regular Maintenance Schedule

Maintaining a swim spa isn’t difficult if you create a routine that includes the full array of tasks to be completed. Eventually, you’ll know what needs to be done and when because you’ve done it regularly so many times before. Most of the jobs required for keeping the swim spa water clean and safe fall into categories that need to be performed weekly, monthly, and quarterly. Below we’ll outline these jobs to help you create your own maintenance schedule.

Weekly Routine

You should test the swim spa water at least once a week. If you’re using your swim spa more often, or you have a large number of people using the water you should perform your water tests more frequently. Simple paper test strips or liquid reagent testing kits will let you know the appropriate quantities of chemicals to add to the swim spa and keep the water properly balanced.

Monthly Routine

Water filters play an important role in minimizing the amount of particulate matter that circulates in the swim spa. They should be sprayed down with a garden hose and soaked in an approved cleaning solution at least once a month. Again, if your swim spa is getting a lot of use or seeing large numbers of people, you might want to do this more often.

Quarterly Routine

If your primary question is how often should you change the water in a swim spa, the answer is every four to six months – depending on the amount of water it holds and how much use it’s getting. Draining the swim spa will give you a chance to give the shell and other components a good scrubbing. It will also allow you to start with a fresh tank of water and ensure that you’ve got the water chemistry properly balanced. Now’s also a good time to replace your water filters if necessary. They should last at least a year, so give them a good look over to see whether it’s time for them to be replaced.

The Importance Of A Swim Spa Cover

There are several reasons for using a swim spa cover, but if you’re worried about increased maintenance, regularly replacing the cover when the swim spa isn’t being used is among the most important things you can do to keep the water clean and balanced. Not only does the cover keep dirt and other contaminants out of the water, but it also reduces evaporation which causes the waterborne chemicals to concentrate. Regular use of a swim spa cover will cut down on your cleaning and water rebalancing duties.

Now that you have a better idea of how often you should change the water in your swim spa, download a free swim spa buyer’s guide for more information.

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