How Often Should I Drain My Swim Spa?

Owning a swim spa provides you with easy and instant access to a pleasurable swimming experience. You don’t have to worry about the opening hours of your local swimming pool, crowds of screaming kids or entrance fees. But with the independence that a swim spa provides also comes responsibilities. As the owner, maintenance duties will fall to you. You may be asking yourself questions about water testing frequency, water filter maintenance or even something like, “How often should I drain my swim spa?” In this article, we’ve put together a list of the main duties associated with keeping your swim spa fresh, clean and safe to swim in.

How Frequently Do I Need to Test the Water?

The answer to how often you need to test your water depends on how often the swim spa gets used. You should definitely be testing the water a minimum of once per week. If your swim spa is getting used more than a few times per week or by large numbers of people you might need to increase the frequency of testing – as often as every day. The results of your tests should give you some clue if you’re testing enough. If the water chemistry is completely out of whack every time you test, you should be testing more frequently. If the water chemistry is remaining quite stable between tests, you’ve probably found the ideal test frequency.

How Often Should I Replace the Water Filters?

Water filters are important for straining out the large particles that can cause the water to become murky and possibly damage the plumbing, pump and heater. Water filters should be replaced at least once a year. They also need to be given a deep cleaning which requires soaking them overnight in a water filter cleaning solution every three to four months. This will remove sticky oils and greases that accumulate. The water filters should also be removed from their housings and rinsed with a garden hose every week or two. When performing these tasks, ensure to visually inspect the filters for any signs of wear. Replace them if there are any holes, tears or visible signs of damage.

How Often Should I Drain My Spa?

As with water testing, draining your swim spa and refilling it with fresh water will depend on the amount of use it’s getting and the amount of contaminants getting into the water. A well-used swim spa that’s regularly exposed to airborne debris will need to be drained, cleaned and refilled more often than one that gets used occasionally and has the cover in place more often than not. Your nose and eyes can also play a role in telling you how often the swim spa needs draining. If the water remains cloudy and smelly no matter the amount of sanitizers and shocks you add, it’s probably time to replace the water and give the shell a good cleaning. If your calcium hardness levels get too high, the only way to get them back into the desired range is to start with a new tank of water or partially drain the swim spa and dilute the remaining water with fresh water.

What Should I Be Aware of When Draining My Swim Spa?

Despite their compact size, swim spas hold a lot of water. You’re looking at several thousand litres. When it’s time to drain the swim spa, you don’t want several thousand litres of water to end up in your basement or flooding your neighbors’ rare rose garden. Make sure you know where the water will go when draining the swim spa.

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