How Often Should You Change a Swim Spa Filter?

Your swim spa’s filter should typically be changed every 6 to 12 months; however, this depends on many different factors. How often you use your swim spa, how many people are in and out of it, what products they might have on them, etc., all play a role. In addition, outside influences like rainwater, dirt and debris, the cover you have for your swim spa and so on will also play a big part in how often you will need to change this filter. So if you’re finding that you regularly have to drain your water and see that the filters are looking dirty, follow your instinct and change it sooner if need be.

Why it’s Important to Change your Swim Spa’s Filter

Regularly changing your swim spa’s filter ensures that it will be running as it should, and its performance isn’t hindered in any way. If your filter is dirty and needs to be changed, then the water filtering through it will quickly become murky or even have a smell to it. Also, a good thing to keep in mind is that even if you aren’t physically using your swim spa all the time, if it’s still running, then that means the filter is too. The water and whatever is in it are constantly cycling through that filter and will eventually break it down over time. This may mean that it’s more likely for dirt or contaminants to make their way to the pump, which is significantly more expensive to replace than a filter is.

In addition, a dirty filter can ultimately compromise other parts of a swim spa that could end up costing you quite a bit to fix. Therefore, it’s best to be proactive and keep an eye on your filter to ensure that the rest of your swim spa will be functioning as it should without worrying about any damaged parts. This isn’t to say that you will need to change your filter every few months but to definitely change it when it gets to the one-year mark if you haven’t already done so.

On top of the actual swim spa itself, it’s important to maintain a clean filter for the safety of those using the water. The pH level of a swim spa needs to remain around 7.4 -7.6, and if it’s outside that level, then it could be unhealthy for the individuals using the spa. Therefore, it’s important to regularly check pH levels to ensure that the water is safe for people to use.

How To Maintain the Cleanliness of your Swim Spa

Although you should be keeping an eye on the cleanliness of your swim spa’s filter, other steps can be taken to help with the longevity of the state of your water. For example, putting your cover on when not in use. If your swim spa’s water is constantly open to the elements, then things like leaves, bugs, dirt, or even little critters could potentially end up in the water. Therefore, it’s best to keep your cover on when it’s not in use.

Another way to sustain clean water would be regularly checking the pH levels to ensure they are where they should be and adding chemicals where need be. If your levels are always outside the 7.4 – 7.6 reading, you find that you’re constantly adding chemicals, or you see the water is murky or has an unpleasant smell, then it might be time to change your water. This can help maintain the integrity of your filter because it will be processing fresh, clean water rather than working overtime to try and filter out all of the bad stuff that might have accumulated over time.

These are some of the things you can do to ensure the longevity of your swim spa’s filters. To learn more about swim spas, download our free guide.

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