How to Clean Up Cloudy Water in a Swim Spa

When you’re swimming in your backyard swim spa, you don’t want to be swimming in smelly, off-colour and cloudy water. Not only would it be unpleasant, but it could also be dangerous. Fortunately, it doesn’t require a lot of effort to keep your swim spa water clean, clear and safe. If you need to learn how to clean up cloudy water in a swim spa, we have the article for you.

Preventing Your Swim Spa Water from Getting Cloudy

The best way to keep your swim spa water clean is to prevent it from getting dirty in the first place! There are things you can do to minimize the number of contaminants that get into the water. This will allow the swim spa to remain cleaner for longer. Not only will it reduce the chances that the water becomes cloudy, but it will also reduce the effort you need to put into maintenance. The result is that it will reduce the amount of chemicals you’ll need to add to the water. And aren’t we all looking to use fewer chemicals these days?

The Power of the Shower

The fact is that most of the contaminants that get into the swim spa are brought in by the swimmers themselves. Things like body oils, skin cells, soap residues, suntan lotion, cosmetics and personal care products will all affect the water chemistry. As their concentrations increase, the water will become cloudy and start to have a stronger odour. You can slow down this process by taking a quick shower before getting into the water – and insisting everyone does as well.

Replacing the Cover

Swim spa covers are often sold as accessories, but we think of them more as a necessity. The fact is that your swim spa will remain unused much more than it will be used. If you don’t replace the cover when the swim spa isn’t being used, leaving the water exposed to the elements will alter the water chemistry and allow the proliferation of organic compounds – two of the main causes of cloudy water. Keep your water fresh and clean by replacing the cover whenever the swim spa isn’t being used.


If your pH levels get too high, solids will begin forming and causing your water to appear cloudy. It’s important to keep the pH within the recommended range if you want clean and clear water. Add pH increaser or decreaser to adjust the swim spa pH level.

Total Alkalinity

Total alkalinity measurements that reach the upper range of the recommended levels will also cause solids to form which will make the water appear cloudy. The addition of dry acids can bring down total alkalinity and clear up the water.


Sanitizer is used to break down organic compounds which can cause the water to smell and appear cloudy. If your water is starting to smell and look murky, check the sanitizer levels and add more if necessary.


Shock is used to oxidize chloramines and bromamines which are the result of chemical reactions between chlorine, bromine and ammonia. The hot tub should be shocked at least once a week or more often if you’re having problems with water cloudiness and odour.

Regular Maintenance Procedures

It’s important to stay on top of regular maintenance procedures such as cleaning the water filters and draining the swim spa to ensure the water remains clean and safe. Water filters should be hosed down once a month and given a deep cleaning every three to four months. Draining, cleaning and refilling the swim spa should be done a minimum of once a year. It will need to be done more often if more people are swimming or the swim spa is getting a lot of regular use. Trust your water test results as well as your eyes and nose to determine how often your swim spa should be drained.

Now that you know how to clean up cloudy water in your swim spa, download a free buyer’s guide for more information.

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