How to Get into a Swim Spa?

The worldwide pandemic and its associated lockdowns, stay-at-home orders, and self-isolation warnings have changed the way we look at exercise and recreation. No longer is going down to the local gym or rec center simply a matter of self-discipline. If they’re actually open, you may be wondering if they’re even safe. This dilemma has created great interest in-home fitness and recreation options. Swim spas are on the receiving end of much of this attention due to their dual fitness and recreational capabilities coupled with the fact that they can be used all year round regardless of the weather. If you’re wondering how to get into a swim spa for fitness and recreational purposes, we’ve put together a list of their uses and benefits.

A Versatile Size and Design

Swim spas are a popular choice among swim-happy city dwellers and others who don’t have space for a full-sized swimming pool. Their compact size allows them to easily fit in small backyards or even indoors. Because they don’t hold anywhere near as much water as a full-sized swimming pool, it’s possible to keep them heated and running even in the coldest weather. This makes them an ideal investment for the swimming aficionado looking for a reliable year-round workout and recreation space. If you’re looking for all-season aquatic exercise and relaxation, a swim spa opens a world of opportunity.

The Swimming Experience

Obviously, the main draw of the swim spa is the swimming experience. The powerful current it creates can hold a swimmer in place indefinitely. There’s no reaching the end of the pool and having to turn back the other way which saves a tonne of space. The ability to control the strength of the current allows for different levels of swimming experience, intensity and strokes. A competitive athlete can swim at top speed for an intense workout just as easily as a beginning swimmer can pursue a leisurely sidestroke as a refreshing pick-me-up.

The Soaking Experience

Swim spas can also double as hot tubs or cooling plunge pools. Some swim spas have a separate area for lounging and relaxing and feature an independent temperature control. Even those swim spas that don’t have a dedicated hot tub tank often feature a seating area complete with massaging water jets. It’s these features that open up the swim spa experience beyond straightforward exercise. It can become a focal point for socializing, relaxing, and simply having fun.

Other Exercise and Workout Opportunities

Water is an excellent medium for all sorts of exercise routines that go beyond swimming. Water provides resistance and stability which makes it ideal for those unable to perform high-impact exercises and those who have issues with balance and mobility. Water aerobics combined with simple stretching and calisthenics can be a major benefit for just about anybody. Resistance training can also be accomplished using actual weights or lightweight fins or appendages that increase the resistance against the water.

Accessories and Attachments

Swim spas have a range of accessories and attachments that can be used for exercise or recreation. Rowing attachments can be used to simulate the sensation and effort of propelling a boat through water with the use of oars. Tethers can be used to increase resistance while swimming or to provide an endless boogie board experience. Exercise bars can be attached along the sides of the swim spa to aid in stretching and other exercises. If you’re looking to affect the mood and ambiance of your swim spa you can kit it out with a stereo system and mood lighting. And virtually any accessory or play toy that’s found in a swimming pool can be used in a swim spa as well.

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