How to Install a Swim Spa Inground?

Swim spas have become the ideal alternative for those who love swimming but don’t have enough space in their yard or house for a full sized swimming pool. The powerful current generated by swim spas holds the swimmer in place meaning that they never reach the end of the pool. This means the actual swimming takes place in a much smaller area – not much larger than the size of the swimmer themselves. That said, even though swim spas conserve on space, they’re still quite large objects. They can be 20 feet long, 10 feet wide and about five feet tall. A tank this large can create an imposing presence in any backyard or indoor space. That’s why inground swim spas are so popular. Most of the tank is sunken into the ground and becomes virtually invisible. What remains is a sharp, sleek sheet of water. If you’re looking into how to install a swim spa inground, we’ve got a few pointers.

Swim Spa Placement

There are several factors to consider when deciding on where to place your swim spa. First and foremost you should be considering how you’ll get the unit from the delivery truck to its final resting spot. Quite often swim spas are lowered into place using a crane. This is especially true if there’s not a large enough pathway to accommodate rolling it in on a wheeled cart.

If your swim spa will be outdoors you should also consider things such as ease of access, privacy, proximity to leaf or fruit shedding trees, exposure to the sun, wind patterns, overhead power lines and local regulations regarding easements and setbacks. Because an inground swim spa is virtually a permanent structure, it’s important to consider all aspects of its location so you don’t end up making a regretful decision.


To provide the low profile you’re looking for, a hole will need to be dug in which to place the swim spa cabinet. You’ll need extra space on all sides to allow for future maintenance or repairs, so the hole will be somewhat larger than the cabinet of the swim spa itself. If you’re doing the digging yourself it’s important to call your local authorities to ensure there aren’t any buried gas or plumbing lines that might be damaged by excavation.

Swim Spa Foundation

The swim spa needs to be placed on a durable, stable and level surface. Once full, a swim spa can weigh several tonnes. A shifting foundation can lead to the tank cracking and the appearance of leaks. Reinforced concrete is the preferred foundation for swim spas. The floor should be at least six inches thick and the walls should also be reinforced to prevent damage to the sides of the swim spa.

Electrical Considerations

You’ll need to hire an electrician to install a specialized circuit to provide power. You can’t just plug a swim spa into a regular household electrical outlet. The electrician will also need to be on hand to connect the swim spa to the circuit, so, if possible, coordinating these jobs to occur simultaneously may save you some money.


Once the swim spa is in place you’ll likely want to do some landscaping to tidy up the area. Installing an inground swim spa can be a somewhat disruptive process, but this can also allow you to start afresh when it comes to the look and feel of your property. Having an idea of what the final picture will look like before getting started can reduce redundancies from occurring throughout the process.

Now that you have somewhat of a better idea of how to install a swim spa, download a free buyer’s guide for more information.

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