How to Landscape Around A Swim Spa

The purchase of a swim spa can be a very exciting time. However, this excitement can make it very easy to lose sight of the big picture. You want your swim spa to be integrated into your backyard, not appear like it doesn’t belong there. This is why landscaping design is such an important part of a beautiful backyard. A little thought and foresight can make something as large as a swim spa appear unified with the other elements in your yard. To help you learn how to landscape around a swim spa, we’ve come up with these tips.


You want to install your swim spa in a functional location, but you also want it to add to a pleasing aesthetic. Plopping a swim spa in the middle of your yard will reduce functional space and might make it difficult to make it appear properly incorporated. Take some time to create a grand vision for the yard and locate the swim spa accordingly.


Quite often you’ll have a choice of colors for the swim spa shell and cabinet. Coordinating the colors of these components with the rest of your yard can make a huge difference in the overall aesthetic of the space. Take note of the color of your house, the surrounding foliage, and any other structures in the yard before deciding on the color of your swim spa. Whether you’re going for contrast or conformity, try to remain consistent.


Paying attention to textures is another landscaping design trick. To maximize integration, the texture of the swim spa cabinet should be echoed throughout the rest of the yard. If you’re able to choose the cabinet style, think about the textures that already exist in your yard and what would suit them best.


Coordinating shapes is another principle of landscape design that helps maintain a unified look. Most swim spa cabinets are rectangular or square. You can complement this by installing similarly shaped planters, paving stones, and furnishings. The idea is to make the swim spa appear integrated by matching the other backyard elements to it.

Vertical Integration

A swim spa cabinet can be a large and imposing structure. A way to minimize this and prevent it from overwhelming the entire backyard is to employ levels to help with its vertical integration. Introducing elements with height, such as decks, planters, and furnishings can be used to create contrasting layers. This can counteract the size of the swim spa and prevent it from overpowering the rest of the yard.


Being able to use your swim spa without feeling like you’re being watched will increase the likelihood that it gets a proper amount of use. When choosing an installation location, keep in mind your neighbors’ sightlines to allow you some privacy. This can also go both ways as your neighbors probably won’t appreciate having to listen to your late-night or early morning swimming sessions while they’re trying to sleep.


Most swim spas these days come fitted with some sort of lighting package. This can help with swimming while creating a safer environment. Try to choose some additional lighting for your yard that complements the lighting system in the swim spa. This can be used to create a very special environment once the sun goes down.

Service Access

It’s important to leave enough space to be able to access the inner workings of the swim spa when it comes time for it to be serviced. Knowing that there should be at least three feet of space on each side of the tank for service access will help with your other landscaping design decisions.

Now that you have some ideas for landscaping around the swim spa, download a free buyer’s guide for more information.

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