How To Make A Hot Tub Surround

While a hot tub can be especially enjoyable when you’re soaking in the warm, bubbling waters, it may not create the same sense of joy when you’re on the outside looking at an unadorned, square box standing in the middle of your yard. To make your hot tub fit into the overall atmosphere of your property, it’s necessary to put in at least a little bit of design effort. To help make your hot tub a beautiful addition to your backyard, you need to learn how to make a hot tub surround. In this piece, we list some of the more popular ideas when it comes to making a stylish, yet functional hot tub surround.

Wooden Decks

Probably the most popular and iconic hot tub surround is a wooden deck. Not only do they look good, but they can be built up to the level of the water’s surface. This means there’s no need to sink the hot tub into the ground. They can also be as big or small as necessary. Choose materials that match your home and surroundings to make your hot tub feel like it belongs.


Pergolas provide you with the best aspects of shelter and open space. They’re not designed to completely block out sunlight, but they still give you some protection while allowing the sun to shine through. They’re available in all sorts of different materials which gives you plenty of design options. They also provide a framework that you can easily accessorize with lighting, heaters/fans, sound systems, and more.

Privacy Fences

A privacy fence can also provide a dual function. As the name suggests, they can add privacy to your hot tub sessions if your property is overlooked by neighbors. But rather than simply being functional, they can be very stylish as well. Again, the choice of materials is limited only by your imagination.


Many hot tub dealerships offer stairs as an accessory. If the hot tub isn’t level with the surrounding surface it can be difficult to get in and out of a hot tub. However, many of the steps and stairs purposely built for hot tubs leave a lot to be desired when it comes to aesthetics. Implementing some design skills can render steps or stairs a very attractive, yet functional, hot tub surround.


Take a cue from your favorite upscale hotel and erect a cabana – but in this case, do it around your hot tub. Not only will it protect you from the overhead elements, but it can also be supplemented with curtains or walls to provide privacy. If your local climate consistently produces intense rain or sun, having a roof above your head may make your hot tub experience much more comfortable.

A Swim Up Bar

Again, following the theme of luxury hotels, installing a swim-up bar is another stylish, yet functional hot tub surround. Not only will it give hot tub users a place to set their drinks, but it can also provide nearby seating for those who are cooling off after a soak. It also works well for those who are just looking to visit with those who are bathing.


If you’re after a more natural look, large stones or boulders can create a very attractive surround. They can be used to hide some of the more functional aspects of the hot tub such as the cabinet, stairs, or handrails. They can also complement the addition of vegetation and flowering plants. Bring your hot tub back to nature by incorporating some raw and unrefined elements.

With this list of ideas, you should have a better vision of how to create a hot tub surround. Get more information by downloading a free hot tub buyer’s guide, or view the hot tubs we currently have in stock.

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