How to Relax in a Hot Tub

While most of us might think that simply getting into a hot tub is relaxation in itself, you might be searching for more ways to increase the relaxation factor while soaking in the warm, massaging water. For some tips on how to relax in a hot tub, check out the ideas in this post.


Aromatherapy has been approved as a health treatment by several types of wellbeing practices. It can help improve both physical and mental welfare. Why not take heed of this and practice it on your own terms in your own backyard? There are plenty of aromatherapy products that are designed for use in your hot tub which won’t affect the water chemistry or harm the plumbing. Make sure that any products you use are made for hot tubs. Popular aromatherapy scents that are found to promote relaxation are lavender, cinnamon, jasmine, vanilla, rosemary and lemongrass. Mix and match scents that appeal to your olfactory sense.


Yoga has been found to focus the mind, improve sleeping patterns, promote flexibility, improve balance and a whole lot more. While you might think of yoga as something that’s only practiced in a studio on a sponge mat, the hot tub actually provides the perfect conditions for several different poses. There are even routines that are specifically designed to be performed in a hot tub. The water provides extra stability and balance that can allow some of the more difficult poses to be achieved while simultaneously loosening up the muscles and tendons. If you’re looking for relaxation, combining yoga with your hot tub use can help.


Meditation is another technique that many people use outside of a hot tub to help promote relaxation. Taking your meditation practice into the warm and massaging water is a good way to increase your ability to relax. Most meditation coaches recommend finding a comfortable spot in which to meditate. And what could be more comfortable than your favourite seat in the hot tub? If you find the sounds of the water pumps distracting, you can simply turn them off during your meditation routine.

Spend Time with Family and Friends

Being around those who know us best allows us to drop our masks and feel comfortable being who we are. Being around those who know us best while soaking in the warm, bubbly waters of the hot tub is an instant recipe for relaxation. Take your mind off the stresses and aggravations of day-to-day life by inviting over those with whom you love spending time with. You know they’ll love spending time with you in the hot tub as well.

Turn Up the Stereo

If your hot tub has a built-in sound system, there’s no better time to use it than when you’re looking to relax. Whether you consider relaxing music to be smooth jazz or raging death metal doesn’t matter. The music that allows you to forget the things that are creating tension in your life is what you should play. And if your hot tub doesn’t have a stereo system, get out the Bluetooth speaker and connect it to your phone or whatever device you keep your music on. Turn up the volume and the water jets and relax!


A good book will take your mind on an adventure without having to leave your seat. A good book in a hot tub will do the same while also allowing your body to relax while being massaged in warm water. How’s that for a comfortable reading chair? Just make sure to keep a good hold of your book or it may end up waterlogged!

After reading this list, it should be easy to come up with even more ways of how to relax in your hot tub. Download a free hot tub buyer’s guide if you’re looking for more information.

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