Raising the PH Levels of Your Swim Spa

How Are PH Levels Determined?

When you think about your drinking water, you always want to ensure that the pH levels are not too high or too low. The more acidic the water is, the more it can harm not only plumbing but your overall health, too. Low pH levels mean higher acidity, leading to increased levels of lead within drinking water.

The pH level of your pool water is essentially a measurement of its acidity. When water contains extra hydrogen ions, it would be considered “acidic,” and when it has fewer ions than found in plain water, it’s considered “basic.” In numerical reference, a 7-pH level would be considered perfectly neutral water, and ideally, your hot tub or swim spa should be at a reading of 7.4 – 7.6 pH.

When thinking about pH in regards to swimming water, you want to ensure that the levels are where they should be for various reasons. Everything from the health of the swimmers to the well-being of the spa and its mechanisms is determined by pH levels.

Why It’s Important To Maintain PH Levels:

Keeping your spa at the right pH level is often a delicate balancing act. However, it is easy enough to keep on top of when testing regularly.

If the pH levels of your spa are higher than 7.8, the water becomes too alkaline, which reduces the effectiveness of your chlorine. These pool chemicals are used to kill pathogens, and without the appropriate levels of chlorine, high pH can cause skin rashes, damage to pool equipment and cloudy water.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, low pH water can eat away at various parts of your spa. For example, any plaster, grout, stone or tiling can deteriorate when water pH levels are too low, resulting in cracks or tears within these surfaces. Low pH levels can also affect the individuals in your swim spa. Itchy, burning eyes can result from this imbalance, so it is important to be testing your water if this occurs.

The reason why these levels are so delicate and need to be checked regularly has to do with external factors. For instance, if your swim spa has accumulated a significant amount of rainwater, it would be a good idea to grab those testing strips and see what your levels are. Another factor that comes into play is the swimmers in your spa and any products (creams, perfumes, deodorants, etc.) they might be using.

Even something as simple as how many individuals are in and out of the water can affect the overall pH levels. It is certainly not something to stress over, as many tools and resources are available to make caring for your water an easy transition. However, it is a smart routine to get into as a swim spa owner to check your water quality regularly.

Raising The PH Levels Of Your Water:

When dealing with a low pH reading, you will need to add alkaline chemicals to increase the number back up to the desired 7.4 – 7.6. Looking for a product referred to as a “pH increaser” at your local pool or spa supply store will give you the desired change in pH that you’ll need. Rather than trying to figure these things out on your own, remember that you have people and products to help you along the way, so not to worry.

If you constantly have to check your pH levels because they are regularly too high or too low, then there is a simple solution for this. When it comes to swimming spas, it’s important to remember that you are working with a significantly smaller body of water than you would be with a pool. Therefore, it is much easier to completely drain your spa and refill it with fresh water and the right chemicals. By doing this, you are essentially eliminating any uncertainty and starting from scratch. At this time, you can ensure there is a proper balance of water and chemicals without the influence of any outside factors.

Recognizing the appropriate pH levels will help with the longevity of your swim spa’s mechanisms and functioning and the health of the individuals who use it.

Now that you know more about maintaining the proper pH levels in your spa, you can continue learning more by downloading our free buyer’s guide today.

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