The Best Swim Spa on the Market

When deciding on the “best” of something, what might be perfect for one person won’t necessarily be for everyone else. The same thing goes for purchasing a swim spa.

What makes it the best? Well, you are the deciding factor of what makes it so. You are the one to say whether something is perfect or imperfect based on your beliefs and desires. It starts with asking yourself a variety of questions to determine what you’re looking for and what you need out of a swim spa.

What does your swim spa look like when you envision it? What kind of features or benefits does it present? We will not only be asking all these questions and more but will also be providing you with the answers you need to make the best, most informed decision for you.

What Can a Swim Spa Do for Me?

A swim spa can be described as “the best of both worlds” because it offers the benefits of a hot tub and the capability to exercise and play like you would in a pool. The jet systems of swim spas allow you to swim against the current for exercise or swimming practice, while the jets will enable you to relax and unwind. These multi-purpose systems are compact and provide all these comforts from your very own home. This is ultimately the reason why so many people choose to buy them.

But how do you know which one to buy? When it comes to finding the best one for you, it’s all based on our desires, needs and preferences! For example, if you need a low-impact workout, a swim spa would be an excellent option! With that said, if you’re also someone who participates in competitive swimming or enjoys more intense exercise, then swim spas will also be the perfect fit for you. Because there are so many options to choose from, and each one offers something different, you’re pretty well guaranteed to find your perfect fit. Here are some things to consider when deciding what that “perfect fit” is for you.

What’s My Budget?

This is a pretty important question you need to consider. What is your budget? Is it fixed or more flexible? There are swim spas within every budget range, so there’s no need to worry if yours is very specific. However, this is something to take into consideration when looking for your ideal swim spa.

The cost of swim spas can differ greatly and ranges from 7,000 dollars to thirty thousand dollars depending on the make, manufacturer, size, etc.

What’s My Reason for Getting One?

Are you a swimmer who wants to train all year-round? Are you looking for a family purchase that is also multi-purpose? Maybe you have specific areas with pain that you want to target and treat. Regardless of what your “why” is, there’s a spa to suit your needs!

If, for instance, you’re an avid swimmer who is looking to focus on the more intense workouts, then a swim spa within Hydropool’s Aquatic Collection would be a great option. Since these spas were developed with athletes in mind, they provide you with the perfect environment to swim and exercise. They are intentionally made with multiple jets to offer endless options for swimmers to work with. Additionally, owning a swim spa from this collection will provide you with limitless opportunities to swim against different types of currents.

However, if you’re someone who would rather have more variety for workouts, then a swim spa such as the AquaTrainer 17 AX would be great for you. It’s a pool, hot tub and gym all in one. With a simple alteration of jets, it is possible to transform a slow swimming session into a flow that permits a hundred-meter dash. So regardless of what type of exercise you’re looking to get, this swim spa provides you with just what you need to do so!

And last on our list for today, but certainly not least, is the AquaPlay 12FFP. If you’d like a swim spa that is more family-oriented, then this swim spa from Hydropool’s collection is the perfect option. This spa comes with treadmill technology and a variety of exercise and play options to choose from. Additionally, it also has the option to connect accessories like boogie boards or workout bands. This makes for a great addition to your home that can still provide you with the workout you desire and the space and functionality for the whole family to play.

It’s important to establish your “why” because there are so many options on the market for swim spas. Then, once you have a general understanding of what you’re looking for, it’s time to consider more specifics.

What Are the Specific Features I’m Looking for?

There are many things to consider, from self-cleaning options and customized massage abilities to smaller, more unique details. Similar to Hydropool, numerous swim spa companies offer a range of choices within their various collections. Additionally, there are a variety of features that are specific to each swim spa. As mentioned previously, the AquaPlay 12FFP is equipped with features that you can customize as you’d like. Did you know that it’s also compatible with a wristwatch that can monitor the performance of your workout?

We suggest going through different collections to see which ones might capture your attention. This will provide you with a better understanding of what’s important to you when purchasing.

Hydropool has a variety of swim spa selections. In order to find the ideal swim spa for you, it’s essential to determine your “why.” For more information on how to choose the perfect swim spa for you, download our free buyer’s guide.

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