Top Tips For Buying a 4-Person Hot Tub

When you’re in the market for a new hot tub, you will find many different models to choose from. For some people, 4-person hot tubs seem to be the best option. However, although important, the number of people a spa can hold isn’t the only thing to consider. Here are the top three aspects to keep in mind when looking for a hot tub.

1. Level of Comfort

A hot tub can indeed offer several benefits, and the relaxation that it will be able to provide is at the top of that list. Considering how much comfort a hot tub can give you is necessary, and the seating is the most important contributor to providing such comfort. Therefore, you will need to determine how the seats are designed and what they have in store for you.

When it comes to having a wide range of seating options available, Hydropool hot tubs are worth looking into. An example of a hot tub that will allow you to unwind while enjoying the benefits of hydrotherapy is Hydropool’s Self-Cleaning 790 spa. It has eight regular seats, a Rejuvenator Seat and a Captain’s Chair. You will also receive a massage with a targeted focus on different body parts since Hydropool hot tubs also come with an array of massage zones.

2. Extra Features for Relaxation

The capacity to which a hot tub can provide pain relief is something you should factor in when deciding on a specific make or model. By targeting specific pain points, the advanced design of Hydropool hot tubs allows them to relieve pain and help the entire body feel relaxed. The combined power of four distinct zones enables these spas to focus on different body parts with an exceptional massage action. The “Core Zone” is first on the list, which targets the shoulder and back. The “Lower Body Zone” effectively works on the lower part of the body, which includes the lower back, thighs, and hips. Then there’s the “Upper Body Zone,” which delivers targeted massage to the neck, shoulders, and back. Last is the “Reflexology Zone,” which focuses on the feet and ankles.

3. Sustainable Functionality

Aside from choosing a hot tub that can keep your relaxation at a maximum, you should also look for one that gives you value for your money. In addition, you need to consider the overall functionality of the spa you want and whether or not it has advanced features that are both practical and sustainable. With Hydropool, you can get a hot tub that can make maintenance a breeze and function well even during the colder months.

Not every homeowner has the time or energy to take on the task of cleaning a hot tub. With Hydropool, each hot tub has a self-cleaning function that filters 100% of the water every fifteen minutes, so you can spend less time cleaning and more time relaxing. Whether you choose a smaller model or a larger one, this feature will be just as beneficial.

You also have to ask if the hot tub you’re looking at is sustainable. Can you enjoy it through various seasons for years to come? Hydropool spas can function at 100 degrees for only pennies a day, even in temperatures below zero. Since they’re made in Canada, they’re well-equipped for Canadian winters. Thanks to their top-notch insulation and eco-efficient parts, you can worry less and enjoy your hot tub more through every season. Want to learn more about the practical and sustainable features of Hydropool hot tubs? Click here.

4-person hot tubs can be great, but even a 6-person or a 9-person hot tub can be an excellent choice if they meet the criteria mentioned above. At the end of the day, the hot tub you pick should cater to your specific needs, preferences, and lifestyle. No matter the size you have in mind, Hydropool spas should be on your list for their unique designs and advanced features. Need more help in finding the perfect hot tub? Download our free buyer’s guide.

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