Using a Swim Spa to Ease Aches and Pains

Known as “the best of both worlds,” a swim spa provides the perfect environment to exercise and relax. These spas also work wonders to ease aches and pains with their hydrotherapeutic benefits. Whether you want to strengthen or heal a past injury or work away at the knots formed by stress or daily life, a swim spa has just what you need to do all those things and more. But how does it work?

What are the Benefits of a Swim Spa?

The water in a swim spa creates hydrostatic pressure that eases inflammation, swelling, and joint pain while increasing circulation. Swimming, in general, has always been praised for its healing properties and ability to prove a low-impact workout environment. This is why using a swim spa to walk, run or swim is so easy on your joints and muscles. Now mix in the incredible range of jet options, and you’re bound to have a gentle yet effective means of easing aches and pains. Swim spas also help to ease arthritis pain and are commonly used to help with post-injury recovery. For the day-to-day stress, they also help relax your body and mind and can help with things like improved digestion and give you a better sleep. There are so many benefits associated with swim spas because of the combination of warm water and various jet options to choose from.  
Hydrotherapy, or aquatic therapy, helps the recovery of physical injuries and can improve your overall mental health. This therapy combines the hot temperatures, massage options and buoyancy to work away at improving your overall health by increasing circulation and blood flow. Aquatic therapy is also used to help people who have arthritis or injuries because it seamlessly works to ease muscle and joint pain. On top of all the great physical benefits, swim spas also help with mental health and well-being as it works to relax and de-stress. Many people will also add aromatherapy or certain lights to elevate their experience and further relax.

What Features of a Swim Spa Help Ease Aches and Pains?

One of the most beneficial features of a swim spa is its ergonomic seating. Usually, a swim spa will have various seating options to choose from, so you can find the one that feels most comfortable for you and your specific areas of concern.
Swim spas also have something referred to as zone therapy, which was created to deliver all of the massage benefits you need. With this feature comes the ability to choose and target specific areas of your body that you feel will need the most attention. Jet options will also vary, and many provide the option to specify the exact areas you want your jets to target. For example, if you have lower back pain, you can turn jets on in that specific area to give you a deep massage or a more gentle one. The jets of a swim spa can be used to massage your neck, back, legs, feet and so on, and the control panels allow you to customize your experience however you’d like.

For instance, say you work on your feet all day and need to relieve some stress and tension from your feet. Simply turn on the jets at your feet and feel the aches and pains ease away to nothing. Basically, you can consider this feature like getting a massage done and asking your masseuse to target a specific area of concern. However, you can get this sense of relief and relaxation any time of the day or night from the comfort of your very own home.

Swim spas truly provide endless benefits, and easing aches and pains and aiding in injury recovery is just a small part of that. To learn about finding your perfect swim spa, download our free buyer’s guide.

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