What are the Measurements of a Swim Spa?

Before buying a swim spa or hot tub for your home, it’s important to note things like the specific make and model and included within this is the size. By knowing all of the measurements ahead of time, you can plan accordingly. Knowing the depth of your swim spa is equally as important as knowing the width and length, and all of this information will be easy to come by. Here’s what you need to know about a swim spa’s measurements and why they’re so important moving forward.

What are Swim Spas?

Swim spas combine a hot tub and pool in one compact unit and provide endless exercising, swimming and relaxing benefits. With their advanced jet options, swim spas provide the perfect environment for you to swim or exercise against a current. When you’re not using it to exercise or play, these jets function just as a hot tub would by giving you the same hydrotherapeutic benefits. Because swim spas have so many different functions and benefits, many people choose them for their homes. With endless options on the market, it’s important to decide the main benefits you hope to receive. Are you a swimmer looking for a space to complete more intense workouts? Maybe you’d like a space for your whole family to enjoy playing in just as much as they would relaxing in. There are so many collections, makes and models to choose from, so it’s a good idea to decide what it is you’re looking for.

What Are the Measurements of a Swim Spa?

It’s safe to say that the specific measurements of a swim spa will vary depending on the one you choose, as the width and length will vary from one unit to the next. However, the depth of a swim spa is pretty standard across the board. Generally speaking, swim spas are between 4 and 5 feet deep. They are all around the same depth because of practicality and safety reasons. Swim spa engineers and designers found that this depth allowed people just the right amount of water to swim in, while also being shallow enough to be safe for the whole family to use.

Why is it Important to Know the Measurements of Your Swim Spa?

Knowing the measurements of your swim spa is very important, and both safety and practicality reasons are at the top of the list. Before buying a swim spa, it’s crucial to measure the space you’d like to put it. Ensuring your backyard is large enough to house the swim spa is an important first step. Planning out the installation beforehand is a good idea so that you can determine whether your swim spa will be above-ground or in-ground. If you are placing your spa fully in-ground, you will need to consider that a hole 4 to 5 feet deep will be required. If you’re going this route, it’s best to hire professionals to come to your home and do this for you. At this time, they can ensure that there are no utility lines in the way that could be an issue moving forward. They can also make sure there’s enough room for the necessary 3 feet of space required along all sides of the spa. This ensures that people can enter and exit the spa comfortably and safety measures are adhered to.

If your swim spa is being installed above-ground, then you won’t need to worry about a hole, of course, but you will need to make sure that you have some steps or stairs installed so that people can safely exit and enter. Regardless of how it will be installed, knowing the depth of a swim spa is important and will play a role in where you decide to put it. Understanding the overall measurements of a spa before you bring it home will also be helpful when deciding on any landscape work. A swim spa is the perfect addition to any home and can create the ultimate backyard oasis when it’s all said and done.

Even though other measurements will vary from one swim spa to the next, it’s safe to say that the depth will always be relatively the same at around 4 to 5 feet. You are one step closer to planning the installation for your very own swim spa by knowing this.

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