What Is A Swim Spa Pool

As Coronavirus-based lockdowns have changed our relationships with exercise, many of us have looked at options for staying in shape at home. And while that may not be much of a problem for a bodybuilder or a yoga enthusiast, things are a bit different for those of us who love swimming. Not everyone has space or the wallet for a full-sized swimming pool. This is where a swim spa pool can be a great alternative. What is a swim spa pool, you ask? We’ve put together this piece so you can find out.

What Is A Swim Spa Pool?

Swim spas are compact swimming pools, usually 12 to 24 feet in length, that eliminate the likelihood of reaching the end of the pool by keeping the swimmer in place with a strong, mechanically generated current. The current is adjustable to allow for alternate types of swimming strokes or different levels of swimming ability. Because the swimmer doesn’t necessarily “go anywhere,” the tank is small enough to fit into spaces that may be too tight for a full-sized swimming pool or even a lap pool. The swimmer can paddle continuously without the need to stop and turn around. The size and mechanics of a swim spa pool provide some particular advantages which may not be found in their larger counterparts.

Swimming And Hot Tubbing

Most swim spas have a built-in, dual-purpose use to allow for both swimming and hot tubbing. They come with seats fitted with water jets to provide the massage that hot tubs are so well-known for. More expensive versions have an attached tank that allows for different temperature settings and permits both hot tubbing and swimming to happen at the same time. If you’re having difficulty deciding between a hot tub or a swimming pool, a swim spa pool provides you with both.

Swimming In The Winter

One thing that a swim spa pool allows that can’t be done in a full-sized swimming pool is swimming throughout the winter. Because of the smaller volume of water in the swim spa, the temperature can be maintained to a level where the water won’t freeze regardless of the temperature outside. If you can’t see the point of owning a swimming pool because you have to shut it down for more than half the year, a swim spa is a great substitute.

Different Types Of Swim Spas

Just as swimming pools and hot tubs come in different styles, swim spa pools are also available in different configurations. Which one is best for you will depend on what you’re looking for, what your budget allows and the amount of space you have to work with. Here are a few of the different types of swims spas.

Portable Swim Spa Pools

The portable swim spa is a pre-built, self-contained unit. Although they’re too big to be moved around on a whim, they’re considered portable because they aren’t fixed into place and can be moved if necessary. They’re popular for their ease of installation and the fact that all the mechanical components are contained within a single cabinet.

Modular Swim Spa Pools

Modular swim spa pools are composed of separate units that are pieced together onsite. Each module is built to fit through doorways and other tight spaces which makes them ideal for indoor installation or in backyards that are difficult to get into. Rather than an acrylic or fibreglass tank, modular swim spas use a vinyl liner and steel walls similar to those found in a full-sized pool. This allows for customization that isn’t available with portable units.

Swim Spa Pool Shells

If you want an inground swim spa it’s possible to place an acrylic or fibreglass shell into a dugout and have your swim spa pool level with the ground. This creates a sleek, unobtrusive look that is also well-insulated. The mechanical components can be located elsewhere, similar to what you would experience with a full-sized swimming pool and an associated pool house.

Hopefully, we’ve answered the question, “What is a swim spa pool?” If you would like more information, download a free swim spa pool buyer’s guide.

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