What is Hydropool Zone Therapy?

The difference between a bathtub and a hot tub is the massaging water jets. The difference between a regular hot tub and a Hydropool Zone Therapy hot tub is how those massaging water jets work and how they’re placed. Not all hot tubs are created equal – and Hydropool hot tubs are an extreme example of that. For those who ask, “What is Hydropool Zone Therapy?” we’ve put together this explanation.

The Science of Zone Therapy

Hydropool Zone Therapy can be broken down into four different elements. Each of these elements has been devised to maximize the massage capabilities of every Hydropool hot tub. Research into how the body interacts with both the hot tub and the water has led to the creation of a variety of Wellness Programs designed to enhance those interactions. Hydropool Wellness Programs utilize Zone Therapy to provide relief from leg pain, back pain, headaches, insomnia, stress, and overexertion. There are also Wellness Programs to assist with dieting and help you wake up your entire body.

The Four Elements of Hydropool Zone Therapy

Jet Types

Hydropool hot tubs feature two distinct types of massaging water jets. The first type is designed for deep tissue massage to provide maximum relief of sore muscles and body parts. The second type of jet is designed for a gentle massage to help create a sense of calm, comfort, and wellbeing. The combination of these two types of jets allows for a variety of different wellness programs that target both the body and the mind.

Jet Placement

The placement of the two types of massaging water jets determines which parts of the body are targeted and at what intensity. Different muscle groups require different jet placements and powers. Each zone of the hot tub has a different jet arrangement to provide the ideal number of combinations for hydrotherapy and relaxation.


Hydropool takes ergonomics seriously – and this is expressed through seating design. The seats in Hydropool hot tubs have been created to reduce the effects of gravity while supporting the structure of the skeleton. Whether a bucket seat or a lounger, each seat is constructed to minimize physical stress and allow the body to fully relax.


The fourth element of Hydropool Zone Therapy is the amount of time spent in each seat. Zone Therapy is based on circuit training where the bather moves from one seat to another to target different parts of the body. The various Hydropool wellness programs will move you from seat to seat according to the wellness goals you’re trying to accomplish.

How Does Zone Therapy Work?

As mentioned, Hydropool’s Zone Therapy is based on circuit training where the user moves from station to station to target different body parts. Hydropool Zone Therapy comprises four different zones to isolate recurring problem areas.

Zone 1 – Core Zone

The core zone focuses on the shoulders, upper to mid-back, rib area, and the solar plexus. Tightening of these muscles can lead to headaches, backaches, and reduced mobility. Jets in the core zone are utilized to eliminate tension and loosen muscles while improving blood flow and circulation.

Zone 2 – Lower Body Zone

The lower body zone focuses on the muscles in the lower back, thighs, and wrists. Tension and tightening of these muscles can reduce mobility and create localized pain. Jets in the lower body zone are targeted to reduce muscle tension, increase blood flow, and help eliminate toxin buildups.

Zone 3 – Upper Body Zone

The upper body zone is designed to stimulate the muscles starting at the base of the skull, running along the top of the shoulders and across the upper back. Tension and fatigue in these muscles can result in headaches and localized pain. Jets in the upper body zone are arranged to maximize muscle manipulation without exacerbating pain and injuries.

Zone 4 – Reflexology Zone

The reflexology zone is designed to concentrate on the ankles and feet, including the arches of the feet. These parts of the body are the focal points of continual pressure which can lead to chronic pain and mobility issues. Jets in the reflexology zone are designed to stimulate the muscles and joints comprising the ankles and feet. Pressure on specific parts of the soles of the feet can also be used to target problems in other parts of the body.

Now that you’ve learned about Hydropool Zone Therapy, download a free hot tub buyer’s guide for extra information.

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