What Is The Best Swim Spa To Buy?

When it comes to buying a swim spa, making a decision might be difficult. It’s a big investment so you want to get it right. At Benanti, we’ve already decided to sell Hydropool swim spas because, in our minds, they provide the best quality and the most reliable swim spas on the market. Hydropool has invested in developing technologies that enhance the swimming experience and make swim spas a viable alternative to full-sized swimming pools. If you’re asking, “What is the best swim spa to buy?” you should be looking at these technological enhancements and how they affect the overall experience of owning a swim spa. To help you out, we’ve put together this guide.

Self-Cleaning Swim Spas

Hydropool produces the only self-cleaning swim spas on the market. When it comes to keeping your swim spa clean, the effectiveness of the filtration system will play a vital role. Dirt in your swim spa will float on the surface or drop to the floor. Hydropool swim spas work on both levels to ensure dirt is removed and filtered out of the water. The shell and jets are designed to channel the surface water towards a wide-mouthed, high flow skimmer where it’s pre-filtered to prevent it from clogging up the mechanical components. Hydropool swim spas also contain the Hydroclean Floor Vacuum which removes heavier debris that falls to the swim spa floor. Swim spas that don’t feature this type of technology will require the purchase of a separate vacuum system. Hydropool swim spas can filter 100% of the water in under 40 minutes which is an industry benchmark. This ensures the water is cleaned multiple times every day and reduces your reliance on chemicals and manual cleaning. Hydropool swim spas will give you more time for swimming and reduce the amount of maintenance work you’ll need to perform.

V-Twin Jet Technology

Hydropool is also a leader in the swim spa industry when it comes to swimming current generation. Hydropool’s patented V-Twin jet technology pumps more than 5300 litres of water every minute. This results in the highest volume of water processed by any swim spa on the market. It also creates the widest swimming current available in any swim spa. Part of the reason that many swim spas are difficult to swim in is that a vortex is created by the water pumps that generate the swimming current. Hydropool swim spas eliminate this vortex by collecting and focusing the current and using vortex-breaking technology. If you’re looking for a wide, smooth and predictable swimming current, V-Twin jet technology should be on your checklist.

Turbulence-Free Current Collectors

Another reason that many swim spas produce an unnatural swimming experience is because of the turbulence created when the water bounces off the sides and back of the swim spa shell. Hydropool has rectified this situation by designing a streamlined shell and using patented Current Collector technology that absorbs the swimming current and prevents the back and forth movement of the water inside the tank. Water turbulence is virtually eliminated and a smooth, natural-feeling swimming environment is the result.

VFX Swim Control System

Hydropool has developed its own proprietary VFX Swim Control system that allows easy regulation of the V-Twin jets. This allows the swimmer to adjust swimming current speed from 0 to 11 km/h. There are built-in sequences that provide pre-planned workouts or the users can program their own systems to match their swimming abilities and preferences. Being able to control the swimming current allows the swim spa to be used by beginners and competitive athletes alike.

Now that you have a better understanding of why we value the Hydropool line of swim spas, download a free buyer’s guide for more information.

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