What Is the Best Way to Fill a Hot Tub?

For many first-time hot tub owners, it often takes trial-and-error to find the best practices and solutions for you and your specific hot tub. Many people find that filling their hot tubs with a hose is easy and efficient. These are the steps that will ensure smooth transitions for first-time buyers.

Important Things To Consider:

Before you reach for the hose, turn off all hot tub power. This should be done directly at the circuit breaker itself. By doing this, are actively preventing electrocution and damage from occurring by turning off everything at the source. Every spa owner will eventually become familiar with doing this first instinctively, as it is not only a safe habit to get into for the sake of your spa, but for everyone around it, too.

The Steps Prior To Filling:

As mentioned above, the first real step is turning off all power. For first time buyers, it is also very important to finalize the location of your hot tub before you fill it with water. After your hot tub is filled, and all the pieces are in place, it is certainly not ideal to have to move it later. It is important to research where the best and most convenient location in your space would be to house your hot tub. You should also make sure everyone is satisfied with the location you choose.

Once the tub is placed in the desired location, tighten the connections and take out the filter nearest to the control panel. This fitting should allow water to flow directly through it.

How To Fill Your Hot Tub:

Your hot tub should now be at its final resting place and all power should be turned off. What’s the next step?

Start by placing your hose in the skimmer. As it fills, be sure to watch the hose closely. While each hot tub is different, the average time to fill a hot tub is between 30 and 45 minutes. Keep a close eye on your tub as it fills, as you don’t want the hot tub to go unattended for too long. You will find a line on your hot tub that indicates the optimal level of water to prevent damage occurring to your pump or jets. This fill line also takes into consideration how much your tub’s water will rise as people enter and exit the tub. Therefore, although you don’t want to underfill your hot tub for the sake of its systems functioning properly, you also want to make sure it’s not filled too much, as this could cause overflow.

The Last Steps:

If your hot tub comes with a priming cycle feature, once the hot tub is filled, you can go ahead and turn that on. This will check the sensors to make sure everything is working properly before all power is brought back on. Next, turn on the jets if your hot tub has a system with two pumps.

It is important to use all of your senses to make sure things run as expected. Before you go about your day, you want to be able to hear everything start up and see the jets moving. Next, check to ensure there are no air pockets within your filters. Turn them upside down, then reinstall them if you need to.

Although it may seem simple to fill a hot tub with water, there are important steps you need to take to ensure the safety of everyone and everything involved.

Now that you have a basic understanding of how to fill a hot tub, you should feel more at ease. Download our hot tub buyer’s guide today to learn what to look for to select the ideal hot tub for you.

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