What is the Difference Between Using a Swim Spa or Swim Tether to Swim?

Are you looking for the best way to swim but have limited space to do so? For many people looking for an alternative to a full-sized pool, a swim spa is an incredible option that provides the benefits of a hot tub and pool in one. With its compact size, it can fit in almost any yard and has endless benefits and features. But what is the difference between swimming in a pool, a swim spa or using a tether? Here’s what you need to know.

Using a Swim Spa To Swim

You might be wondering how you can get a great workout or swim if the thing you’re swimming in is so compact? A swim spa works because rather than doing laps back and forth as you would in a traditional pool, you will ultimately be swimming in one place. The current created by the jets of a swim spa allows just the use of your momentum against them to keep you in one place. You can also easily alter the jet settings to create a less or more intense swim, so there’s no need to worry if you’re a beginner or an expert. The options to swim or exercise in a swim spa are endless and different makes, and models offer something unique to them. For example, some swim spas provide treadmill technology, the option to add workout bands or even use a watch that’s compatible with your swim spa to show you the specifics of your workout. There are many great features, and the ability to swim interrupted is one of the biggest ones. Another bonus of being able to control the jet settings is that you can always intensify your workouts as you progress as a swimmer. 
With this type of swimming also comes the benefits of practicing your swimming to improve your technique, breathing, endurance and more. Swimming in a swim spa provides a very smooth environment, so you can have a more low-impact workout or increase the intensity as you’d like. However, if you would like a little extra support when swimming, you can always add things to your workout like a tether, for instance. Here’s how you can use a tether as a means of swimming in place.

How to use a Tether When Swimming

Tethers are really great features because they can be added to anything to provide you with a steady swim. Whether you want to add them to your pool or swim spa, they will keep you in place so that you can swim in place. This feature is usually used in smaller pools so that you can swim without any interruptions. Many people like using a tether so they won’t have to worry about doing laps back and forth and having an interrupted swim when they turn around on each lap. Swimming back and forth like this, especially in a smaller pool, interrupts the flow of your swim and can be difficult for some people. Whether you swim competitively or are just looking to practice for exercise or enjoyment, a tether can be very helpful. By attaching one end of the tether to your body and the other to the pool or swim spa, you can remain balanced and steady as you swim. Similar to the way we spoke about how a swim spa’s jets can provide the right swimming environment, using a tether can also have similar benefits. From allowing you to swim without stopping to focusing on your technique, breathing, and so on. They can also help keep you balanced so that you can have an equal rotation of both arms rather than over-rotating one more than the other.

Tethers are great additions for swimming practice and can also be used to help you run or walk in the water too. They help you strengthen your muscles in a very low-impact way and are often used for rehabilitation or therapy for injuries.

Both of these options alone have many benefits but can also be used together to help provide more support for those who need it. These tethers are easy to find and can be added to any above-ground pool, in-ground pool, swim spa or lap pool. Both a swim spa and the use of a tether provide a safe and supportive environment for swimming and exercising.

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