What is the Width of a Swim Spa?

Knowing the measurements of a spa before buying is very important for planning and installation. Different factors such as budget, backyard space, etc., will influence the overall size and features of the model you choose. Below, we’ll provide you with what you need to know about the specific dimensions of a swim spa.

A Swim Spa’s Width

Typically between 7 and 8 feet wide, this measurement on a swim spa is pretty standard regardless of the manufacturer. Before planning your installation, you should measure your space to determine the appropriate swim spa size to look for. You will need to consider the 3 feet required between the swim spa, your home and property line. Are you considering installing your swim spa above or below ground? Would you like some landscape work done or maybe a deck put in with the addition of your spa? It’s important to look at your space and consider all of the plans you have for your home, and factor in how much space you’ll have for your swim spa. 

The width and depth of a swim spa are typically pretty universal. The optimal depth established took into consideration safety, comfortability and provides the most convenient amount of water to swim. Between 4 to 5 feet is the average depth of a swim spa, which is important to know regardless of whether you have an above or in-ground installation planned. However, when it comes to the length of a swim spa, this measurement can vary significantly. On the smaller end of things, swim spas at 10 feet are compact and allow you to swim and exercise comfortably. While swim spas at the larger end can be up to 19 feet long and feature more room for activities. Therefore, the length of a swim spa can be drastically different depending on the option you’re choosing, but the depth and width will typically be the standard size.

The larger the swim spa, the more water will be needed, thus meaning the more it will weigh. Therefore, if you’re looking at a larger swim spa, you also want to make sure that you’ve planned for a sturdy and secure surface to hold all that weight. While some people will choose an in-ground installation which requires excavation and a crew to do it, others prefer an above-ground install. Whether you choose to install your swim spa with decking or on a concrete slab, there are many ways to do it. However, it’s a good idea to reach out to a hot tub dealer so they can help you decide which option is best for you and your space.

Finding the Right Swim Spa Size for Your Space

Finding the right swim spa for your space depends on the amount of room you have to work with. However, it is also influenced by aspects like your budget and primarily what you’re hoping to use it for. Sometimes, athletes will purely want to practice swimming, while whole families will want to use it for exercise and fun. By figuring out what you like most about a swim spa, you can better understand which collections to look at.

If your space allows you to have a larger swim spa, there are various collections to choose from. Hydropool’s Sport and Trainer swim spas provide options that are single units or separated by a divider. You will have your swimming and exercising area on one side, and the other will be like an attached hot tub with seating. The option you choose once again is dependent on your budget and preferences. While some like this type of design, others prefer to have everything in one area without a divider present. 

Various aspects will play a role in the swim spa model you choose for your home, and the size is the most influential factor. Being aware of the different dimensions of a spa will help you visualize how much space will be needed in your backyard while considering the necessary space around it. Knowing that the depth and width of a swim spa are pretty universal helps with this planning. To find your ideal swim spa, download our free buyer’s guide today.

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