Why Are Hot Tubs Good for You?

Some people might believe that hot tubs are simply frivolous, recreational pursuits. However, there are many health benefits that are associated with using a hot tub. Any good doctor, physiotherapist or sports trainer will tell you so. Why are hot tubs good for you? In this article, you’ll discover how hot tubs can be good for both your mind and your body.

Pain Relief

Spending time in a hot tub can relieve pain caused by all sorts of different factors. You might be hurting because you worked out too hard or otherwise overexerted yourself. Your pain may be caused by a health condition or disease. Or you might be feeling sore due to an injury or some other kind of trauma. Regardless of why you’re in pain, the heat and massage experienced when soaking in a hot tub can boost the production of pain-relieving chemicals within the body and reduce the severity of the discomfort you’re feeling. Whether you’re a tired athlete, an overworked physical labourer, a medical patient or you’re suffering from an injury, spending time in a hot tub can help.

Fall Asleep Faster

Using a hot tub before bedtime can reproduce the natural body temperature cycles that influence how and when we fall asleep. It’s been found that sleep is brought about when the internal body temperature begins to drop, such as in the evenings. Soaking in a hot tub increases your internal body temperature while getting out causes your body to cool off. This cooling process can naturally make you feel tired and increase the likelihood of falling asleep. If you’re having trouble falling asleep when you’d like, a little bit of hot tub therapy before your preferred bedtime might help you out.

Stress Reduction

There are many ways in which using a hot tub can help reduce your stress levels. Heat and massage naturally relax your body and reduce tension. The hot tub environment can act as a soothing getaway and allow you to relax and forget about the things that are causing your stress. The hot tub is also a perfect place to practice meditation. The addition of accessories such as aromatherapy kits, mood-lighting or a sound system can also increase your ability to relax. The warm and massaging water can increase the production of pleasure-inducing hormones to allow for further relaxation and reduced stress levels.

Improved Circulation

Heat and massage combine to get the blood flowing and improve your circulation. As the body warms up, the heart starts beating faster and stronger. To make room for the increased amount of blood, the blood vessels are forced to expand which helps reduce blood pressure. More blood is also able to reach the extremities and expose more cellular tissues to more nutrients and oxygen. Those who suffer from conditions such as high blood pressure or poor circulation may find temporary relief by spending time in a hot tub.

Increased Range of Motion

Some of those who have issues with mobility or have a limited range of motion can be helped through the regular use of a hot tub. The hot water and massage characteristic of a hot tub can loosen up tight joints and muscles and relieve pressure on bones. Flexibility can be restored as the inflammation is reduced and pliability is increased. If you suffer from tightness of your muscles and joints due to injury or disease, soaking in a hot tub can help improve your range of motion.

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