Why are Hot Tubs Out of Stock?

With the pandemic came a shortage of many different supplies and resources that we would generally have access to. Through the last few years, not only has the production of parts slowed down, but the demand for at-home spas has risen. Since there was a halt on travelling and vacations, many people decided to do home renovations because they knew they would be spending more time there. Hot tubs, spas, and pools were part of the increased demand. However, if you’re looking to add one to your home, then here’s what you need to know!

When is the Best Time to Buy a Hot Tub?

You might think that considering the shortage of hot tubs, the best time to look at buying one would be different from previous years. However, there really doesn’t seem to be a right or wrong answer. When it comes to purchasing a hot tub for your home, the best time depends on what the right time is for you. What are you looking for in a hot tub? What’s your budget?

One of the beautiful things about a hot tub is that it can be used year-round, and therefore, can also be purchased at any point throughout the year. In contrast to buying a much larger and seasonal pool, a hot tub is more lenient in where it can be placed and when it can be installed.

How to Find Hot Tubs Even When There’s a Shortage

When looking at when the least expensive time to buy is, usually considering deals, your best bet would be to purchase from fall through winter. Many times, deals are placed on in-sock, warehouse inventory hot tubs.

If you’re someone who has been waiting for the right time to purchase a hot tub, we recommend looking at deals offered during this time of year. Because chances are, discounts won’t be put on hot tubs that aren’t in stock. Therefore, if you see certain makes or models in a promotion, then you can be sure that they have inventory to support the sale. So, that is definitely one way you can be sure to get a hot tub that you love without having to wait around months for it to come back into stock!

This principle also applies to floor models, since with the coming year comes new models out on display. So, keep your eyes peeled for discounts and sales around this time of year because chances are you will be able to get a hot tub sooner than you expect!

If you are someone who wants to get a great deal and aren’t too concerned with perfection, then there might be another way to find a hot tub for your home this winter. Even if manufacturers are experiencing shortages, you can always reach out to a salesperson and see if there are possibly any discounted hot tubs due to cosmetic damage. Of course, there is nothing functionally wrong with the hot tub. It may just have a scratch or imperfection as a result of shipping or handling. However, if perfect appearance is not something that you’re worried about, or if you feel it’s something you can easily fix, then you should give this a try! Of course, not every location will have many of these to give out at a discounted rate. However, if you find that you’ve been looking for ages and can’t get a hot tub for your home because of the high demand, low inventory, then this could be an option!

When it’s all said and done, it’s understandable why there has been a sudden boom in home renovations. A hot tub or spa is an incredible addition to your home that can make you feel like you have your oasis. Our best advice is to keep looking to see what’s available and try to be patient because you never know when you might just find your perfect spa!

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