A filter is a device that removes undissolved or suspended particles from water by recirculating the water through a porous substance (a filter medium or element). The three types of filters used in pools and spas are sand, cartridge and D.E. (diatomaceous earth).

A quality pump and filter system is the most important swimming pool maintenance equipment required for clean pool water. Beninati Pools offers a full line of swimming pool filters. When choosing a filter for your pool, please keep in mind the following term:

Filtration Rate
The rate at which the water is traveling through the filter, expressed in U.S. gallons per minute (gpm) per square foot of filter area.

Filtration Ability in Microns
Measure of the smallest particle that the filter can remove from the water, ranging anywhere from 30 microns for basic sand, 3-6 microns for a cartridge element and 3 microns for Zeobest media used in a sand filter.