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5 person hot tubs work well for couples and small families who love to socialize. These medium sized hot tubs balance the constraints of a tight budget and limited space with the need for group interaction and familial inclusiveness. A 5 person hot tub can also be utilized by those who need access to more hydrotherapy options than those offered by the smaller models. Hot tubs can serve as both a therapeutic tool as well as a space for recreation and pleasure. When it comes to physical and mental health, the benefits of regular hot tub use can be hard to find elsewhere.

Innovative Hot Tub Technology

Hydropool is at the forefront of innovative hot tub technology. The mechanics of jet propulsion are what differentiates a hot tub from a simple bathtub and Hydropool continues to improve the inner workings of its pumps, jets and plumbing to create better hot tub experiences. The 5 person hot tub offers a variety of seating zones with assorted jet configurations to provide a wide array of massage techniques in a single tub. High flow plumbing, more powerful impellers and adjustable, bearing free water jets are just a few Hydropool innovations which create an improved hot tub experience with fewer worries about performance and longevity. When it comes to the science of massage, Hydropool is at the cutting edge.

Hydrotherapeutic Treatment

Hydrotherapy is a well-established field of physical treatment prescribed by doctors, physiotherapists, sports trainers and other healthcare professionals to utilize the properties of water to treat pain, injury and disease. A hot tub can play a central role in hydrotherapeutic treatments as its warm, buoyant, massaging waters stimulate blood flow, reduce inflammation-causing pressure and increase the synthesis of pain-relieving endorphins. For those suffering from debilitating pain, a hot tub can act as a panacea for physical problems caused by overexertion, disease or injury. The 5 person hot tub provides a versatile setting for a wide range of hydrotherapeutic treatments.

Leisure and Relaxation

When most people think of hot tubs they think of relaxation and pleasure. The warm, bubbling water in a hot tub is an ideal environment for refreshment and relaxation whether on your own or in a group situation. The 5 person hot tub is conducive to solitary indulgence or social gatherings. Both solitude and social interaction in a hot tub promote pleasure, peace of mind and feelings of wellbeing. When it comes to leisure and relaxation, a hot tub is the perfect environment.

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  • Brittany and company... I just wanted to say how satisfied I am with my Lazy Boy Hot Tub, that I have enjoyed over the last 3 years. It's so great after working out and the stress relief it provides. Your service and awesome customer care that you and your staff provide is 2nd to no one. Any issues or questions have always been promptly taken care of... Most recently i had an appointment scheduled for service and I was pleasantly surprised that the service technician came 2 days earlier than scheduled. It's had to find a company that takes care of it's customers like Beninati.

    Randy Butch

  • This is our first time purchasing a hot tub and it could not have gone better. Our sales rep Brittany was fantastic!! She walked us through everything and answered all our questions many times!’ The customer servie was AMAZING!! Our water has a ton of iron and the first fill didn’t go as well as we wanted so Beninati Pool came right out and refilled it and checked on it the next day. I really felt like they really cared!! I would recommend Beninati Pool to anyone!!

    Angela Becker

  • Huge shout out to everybody at Beninati Pool and Spa. Brittany was our salesperson, very informative an exceptionally nice person. From the beginning, the delivery was great, the electrician they suggested was excellent and Brittany even came out to our home to go over everything with us to make sure we were happy. This morning we even got a gift basket very impressed too enthusiastic thumbs up.

    David Mielcarek