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Regular use of a Serenity hot tub is not only relaxing and fun, it is proven to be healthy as well. Hydrotherapy is good for your body and soul. It decreases stress and improves overall wellness. Hydropool Hot Tubs are ergonomically designed for full body support and comfort, the Serenity hot tub has soft, comfortable pillows to support your head and neck and wide lumbar seats to cradle your body. A Serenity hot tub will help you feel the benefits of hydrotherapy, warm, soothing water, invigorating and pulsating jet streams, and natural buoyancy. Enjoy day and night, inside or out, by yourself or with family and friends.

Serenity Hot Tub Models

4300 – Serenity

Serenity 4300

Starting from: $7,999

4500 – Serenity

Serenity 4500

Starting from: $8,499

5900 – Serenity

Serenity 5900

Starting from: $9,499

6600 – Serenity

Starting from: $8,499

6800 – Serenity

Starting from: $9,499

6900 – 6 Person Serenity

Starting from: $10,499

Serenity Hot Tubs Built To Last From The Ground Up

Our innovation never stops and to that end Hydropool introduces an all new redesigned cabinet and fame. The new Unibody Frame cradles the all new Edgewater Shell and it all sits on a Poly Insulated floor sealing in the acrylic shell, cabinet and frame. Thus creating a completely sealed system that keeps the heat in and the cold out in the winter. In the summer heat can be released and regulated by the Eco heat Exchange fully adjustable venting.

Polymer Insulated Floor

polymer insulated floor

  • Keeps the warmth in and everything else out.
  • Insulated floor locks in the ambient heat from the pumps.


unibody frame

  • Specifically engineered to hold the weight of the water while adjusting to the heating and cooling that comes with summers and winters.


edgewater shell

  • Polyester and vinylester resin combined with fiberglass to add strength.
  • Strongest shell in the industry.

Personalize The Look of Your Hydropool Serenity Hot Tub

Shell Options

Standard acrylic colours

Alpine Mist
alpine mist shell
Silver Marble
silver marble shell
Quartz Mist
quartz mist shell
Pure White
Black Opal
black opal shell
Midnight Canyon
midnight canyon shell
Tuscan Sun
tuscan sun shell
Sky Blue
sky blue shell

Cabinet Options

Standard Cabinet Colors
Your Hydropool Serenity Model 4300, 4500, 5900, 6600 & 6800 Hot Tubs have 2 new colors Designer Harbor Grey and Driftwood.

harbor grey cabinet
driftwood cabinet

Cover Options

The hard cover option is made from durable marine-grade vinyl. When installed and in the closed position, it completely seals the top of the hob tub for improved energy efficiency. Locks are included for securing the cover keeping curious children and pets out providing safety and security.

Espresso Dura

espresso dura cover

Driftwood Dura

driftwood dura cover


grey cover


chestnut cover

What Comes Standard With Your Hydropool Serenity Hot Tub

Aqua Blade Waterfall Feature

Aqua Blade Waterfall Feature

Consists of two pop-up waterfall jets that create a beautiful cascading blade of water on either side of the filtration grill. These also light-up in conjunction with the Moon Lighting feature sequence through blue, green and red colorations or can stay on your favorite color.

WeatherSeal Cabinet

WeatherSeal Cabinet

This all new cabinet design is the next level in energy efficiency with its easy to remove panels for convenient access to the hot tubs interior. Available in two new colors.

Moon Lighting (Cabinet Corner Lighting Feature)

This LED Corner Lighting System illuminates the surroundings and detail of the spa’s exterior. Enjoy the added convenience and reliability of premium LED Lighting featuring bright LED lights that sequence through blue, green and red colorations or can stay on your favorite color. The interior LED Lights illuminate the seating area and also sequence or be locked on to one of three same colors.

Personalize Your Serenity Hot Tub With Hydropool’s Great Options

iCommand System WORLD EDITION

iCommand System WORLD EDITION

The Smart Phone App that is designed as a wireless hot tub control which allows you to change water care settings, adjust filtration and temperature from wherever you are.

EZ Ultra PureOzone System

EZ Ultra PureOzone System

The system is designed so that when ozone a highly effective oxidizer is mixed with water it assists in removing of unwanted contaminants from your hot tub water.

HydroFlex Air Therapy System

HydroFlex Air Therapy System

The System is designed to offer you a privileged moment where up to 10,000 perfectly aimed air bubbles apply ideal pressure to provide you with an all-encompassing therapeutic massage.

Two Tier Universal Step

Two Tier Universal Step

For clean and safe every time is important. The Pure water system is one of the most efficient water purification systems available.

Hydropool Pure Water System

For clean and safe every time is important. The Pure water system is one of the most efficient water purification systems available.

40, 50 Or 60 amp GFCI With Sub-Panel Box

A GFCI breaker can be conveniently installed into the include custom sub panel.

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Here’s What Our Customers Have to Say

  • I just wanted to say how satisfied I am with my Hot Tub, which I have enjoyed over the last 3 years. It's so great after working out and the stress relief it provides. Your service and awesome customer care that you and your staff provide is 2nd to no one. Any issues or questions have always been promptly taken care of... Most recently I had an appointment scheduled for service and I was pleasantly surprised that the service technician came 2 days earlier than scheduled. It's had to find a company that takes care of it's customers like Beninati.

    Randy Butch

  • I ordered a beautiful self-cleaning spa from Beninati last year even though I don't live directly in the Utica area, and I have other stores closer to me. I found them to be the most honest people with the best inventory, and they were willing to help me with any question and any problem that came up during the process. I definitely would recommend them and buy from them again!

    Anthony Catalina

  • Selection of the hot tub was an easy experience. They continue to answer all questions and provide help with a polite attitude. I searched multiple hot tub stores and this by far has been the best choice for the money. Thanks for making my hot tub purchase an easy one.

    Robert Varsanik