Clear Spring Filtration System

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The NEW Serenity Hot Tub Clear Spring Filtration System

The completely new system for Serenity Hot Tubs is a three stage filtration system that keeps water cleaner and clearer. The first stage is the Ultra Flow Grill with its Catch Barrier preventing debris from re-entering the hot tub.

The second stage skimmer net traps large debris before reaching the filter cartridge. The new Wave filer cartridge with its much larger surface area filters more water than ever before and is made out of microfiber with a dense inner core that traps the smallest particles and hold them.

Clean and healthy spa water is the foundation of all Serenity Hot Tubs so that you can enjoy the cleanest water with the easiest system to operate and maintain your Serenity Hot Tubs performance.

Ultra Flow Grill

  • Allows maximum flow of water, quickly removing debris from the spa water
  • Catch Barrier prevents debris from re-entering the hot tub

Wave Filter

  • Unique wave design maximizes the surface area and captures debris more efficiently
  • Easy access, yet hidden from eyesight

Ultra Flow Skimmer Net


  • Eliminates the need to skim the surface
  • First Line of defence
  • Catches any debris too large for filter to catch

Evergreen Pump

  • Filters 87 US Gallons of spa water per minute
  • Energy efficient design

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Here’s What Our Customers Have to Say

  • I just wanted to say how satisfied I am with my Hot Tub, which I have enjoyed over the last 3 years. It's so great after working out and the stress relief it provides. Your service and awesome customer care that you and your staff provide is 2nd to no one. Any issues or questions have always been promptly taken care of... Most recently I had an appointment scheduled for service and I was pleasantly surprised that the service technician came 2 days earlier than scheduled. It's had to find a company that takes care of it's customers like Beninati.

    Randy Butch

  • I ordered a beautiful self-cleaning spa from Beninati last year even though I don't live directly in the Utica area, and I have other stores closer to me. I found them to be the most honest people with the best inventory, and they were willing to help me with any question and any problem that came up during the process. I definitely would recommend them and buy from them again!

    Anthony Catalina

  • Selection of the hot tub was an easy experience. They continue to answer all questions and provide help with a polite attitude. I searched multiple hot tub stores and this by far has been the best choice for the money. Thanks for making my hot tub purchase an easy one.

    Robert Varsanik