Here at Beninati Pools we install only the finest mesh and vinyl safety covers on the market, magnificently engineered by Rayner covers. We offer free measurements and quotes for any pool. Our professionals assure that all covers are installed perfectly and help you rest knowing that your loved ones are safe.

Safety Mesh
If your main concern is for safety, Rayner Safety Mesh cover is the best choice. Rayner Safety Mesh allows all water to drain through, and is absolutely maintenance free. It is lightweight and strong, with a bursting strength of 350 lbs. per square inch


If your main concern is keeping a pool clean, especially when you open it in the Spring, then a Rayner Solid Vinyl cover is the best choice. With the right water treatment, your pool can be virtually crystal clear. There are a few safety concerns because the cover is solid.

Vinyl with Mesh Drain Panel
Do you like the benefits of a vinyl cover, but don't want to pump the water off? Here's a third option: a vinyl cover combined with a mesh drain panel. Maintenance will be cut dramatically. Most, if not all, water will drain off your cover through the mesh drain panel.