Definition: A pre-molded product built in a factory under quality control conditions. Made up of multiple layers of fiberglass matting and polyester or vinylester resins.

The Facts:  Fiberglass pools have been around since the 1950s. These one-piece, factory-built shells are made with fiberglass and finished with a gel coating similar to that used on modern boats. The pool shell is delivered complete to your home. After the hole is dug, the shell is lifted into place, leveled and water is added.

  • Installation time is quicker than some other styles.
  • These pools are manufactured to withstand temperature changes and maintain the original surface beauty over time.
  • Weekly chemical and cleaning maintenance is needed to protect the finish.
  • Limited size, largest is 16 x 40
  • Limited shapes
At Beninati Pools, we sell only the highest quality fiberglass pool, on average twice as thick and heavy as the competition and made only of the finest materials.