When it is time to end the summer fun and close your pool for the season, we can ease the pain with a professional winterization. One of our highly trained techncnicians will make sure your pool is securely and properly closed for the winter ahead.

A standard winterization includes, but is not limited to:
  • Pumping pool 2" below the skimmer
  • Blowing the main drain and and shutoff valve for air lock
  • Removing water out of the pool returns and slide
  • Removing water out of the jets and airline
  • Adding and blowing antifreeze to the underground lines
  • Blowing out the skimmer, installing the plug, and adding antifreeze to the skimmer pot and line
  • Installing all winter plugs in pool returns and jets
  • Backwashing filter or hose off cartridge
  • Shutting off gas to heater
  • Blowing out heater
  • Adding winter chemicals
  • Removing ladder and handrail
  • Pulling pins in timer or shut off breakers in panel
  • Removing plugs from pool equipment
  • Installing cover and waterbags or safety cover

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