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Imagine being able to use your swimming pool every day of the year! Swim spas are the ultimate backyard aquatic centre for fun and fitness. You can enjoy all the benefits of a larger pool using less space and at a lower cost. Leading the way in innovation for swim jet technology, customizable swim current, aqua channel shell design and aqua boost pump design, Hydropool swim spas are the ideal urban pool solution. Furthermore, Hydropool is leading the way with its innovation in self-cleaning technology, HydroWise Thermal Shield and luxury standards of design, comfort and massage.







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Swim year round! Swim spas are bigger than a hot tub, yet more functional year-round without the expense of installing, operating and maintaining a full size pool. Enjoy the best of both worlds with the ability to be used as a hot tub, but are also equipped with a water current to allow the user to swim on the spot. Swim, exercise or just relax.

We offer three options for a swim spa at Beninati. Come see us at our Utica showroom where we can help guide you to the best swim spa to meet your needs and budget.

Swim spas are fun and safe for all ages, shallow enough for most children and non–swimmers, yet deep enough to satisfy the most serious swimmer, jogger, water aerobics enthusiast and triathlete. Having a swim spa at home is ideal for those who want to enjoy the benefits of a pool all year round. Imagine having family over for a Christmas pool party, or a “Spring Break” get together in February. Swim Spas are also great for those whose needs are centered on a healthy lifestyle. Swimming is a low impact exercise that can help improve cardiovascular health and the ability to perform this exercise in a swim spa, whether gently in place or more rigorously against a swift current, is convenient in many ways. This ‘mini-gym’ also has a built-in ability to relax afterwards in a jetted hydrotherapy seat.

Benefits to Aqua-Fitness in a Swim Spa:

  • Allow you to exercise every muscle and joint in the body at the same time.
  • Keeps the body cool while working out as the water lowers body temperature the entire workout
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Less strain on muscles and joints
  • Increases muscle strength and flexibility
  • Improves mobility, co-ordination, balance and range of motion.
  • Burns calories
  • Creates massage effect on muscles
  • Provides versatile outdoor environment to train in
  • Enables you with your own aquatic gym in the privacy on your backyard.

Swim spas are the perfect urban solution as they offer a big swim experience without taking up a lot of space. They are a solid alternative for you if a full-sized pool doesn’t fit in your space or if a larger pool is out of your budget. They come in various sizes, typically 8ft wide and 12-19ft long, and can be installed as a standalone unit or built into the ground. They can be installed indoors or out, above ground or in-ground and even in a basement or rooftop terrace. The options are endless.

Most swim spas come with a safety thermal cover, which helps reduce maintenance by protecting the water from debris and precipitation. When used regularly it can help to reduce operational cost. Further, they also allow the swim spa to meet most city bylaws for a water feature to be secured with a lockable cover. *As a result, the homeowner does not need to have a fence enclosure built around the unit, which is a requirement for most pool installations.

*To note, swim spas that are installed in-ground may require a fence enclosure permit.

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Here’s What Our Customers Have to Say

  • My wife and I went to a pool and spa show in Novi. We were ignored by most salespeople and were ready to leave when I saw a beautiful swimspa display. Mitchell approached us, no pressure, very friendly and took plenty of time to answer all our questions, walk us through financing (which we went in another direction) and helped us customize the swimspa of our dreams. I had a hundred questions on prepping the area and getting things set for delivery and everyone there was very helpful. Mitchell came out to give us a tutorial after delivery and we are very happy with the result.

    Antonio Diggs

  • My Hydropool 12 ft FFP and Covana cover from Beninati Pools has changed my life. It is impossible to describe how wonderful this swim spa is. I use it daily, in large part due to the ease of raising and lowering the Covana cover/gazebo. Everything about this pool/cover is state of the art and ideally designed for use in Michigan. I had no idea how much I would love it, and my friends all do, too. Mitch and the whole team at Beninati are extremely helpful, knowledgeable and the best in the area and I would never consider making a swim spa purchase of this importance elsewhere. This pool satisfies beyond my wildest dreams. Oh yay.

    Kathryn Stewart

  • I absolutely recommend Beninati pools! We wanted a pool but was not sure which one would work best. We met with Mitchell who walked us through the entire line up that is available and decided on a swim spa. He was so crucial in keeping us up to date on the process for installation. We have had in almost a year and aside from the polar vortex we have used it all year!!! This spa is wonderful and any time we had questions Mitchell has answered them and helped us throughout the whole year. We are so happy with our pool and recommend Beninati for installation and continued support

    Tanya Vaughn-Deneen