How Much Does It Cost to Maintain a Swim Spa?

Swim spas have become a favorite alternative for those who wish to swim in the privacy of their own property, but don’t have enough room to install a full-sized swimming pool. By generating a powerful enough current to hold one in place while they practice their favorite swimming stroke, swim spa tanks are a fraction of the size of their larger cousin. However, for those who are interested in swim spas, one of the main concerns that consistently pop up is the price tag of set up, operation, and maintenance. So, how much does it cost to maintain a swim spa? Because the answer to that question is dependent on so many variables, we’ve put together an article to give a general overview of a swim spa’s installation and operating costs.


A swim spa full of water and people will weigh several tons. For this reason, you can’t just set the swim spa anywhere on the ground. You’ll need to create a level, stable foundation for it to sit upon. It’s essential that the base is level. Any deviation from the standard can lead to cracking of the swim spa shell and cabinet. The foundation will also need to evenly displace the substantial weight of the swim spa. Materials most often used for this purpose are concrete, gravel, or prefabricated plastic. The most stable swim spa foundations are custom-built, steel-reinforced, concrete pads using freshly poured concrete. A series of concrete pavers can also be assembled to create a pad, although it might be difficult to get them perfectly stabilized and level. A similar problem can occur using crushed gravel, although laying it on top of a bed of sand may make this easier. A more modern and economical innovation is the use of specially made interlocking plastic pads.


If there is a sufficiently sized pathway from the road to the final swim spa site, it may be possible to avoid delivery charges altogether. However, some swim spas are too large to be easily transported through small spaces or around tight corners and may require crane service to get it into place. Speak to your swim spa dealer about their delivery plan options.

Electrical Hookup

Swim spas require more power than they will be able to draw from a regular household outlet. You’ll need to hire an electrician to install a GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) protected 220 volt 50 amp or larger circuit and a disconnect switch that’s located more than 3 meters from the swim spa. You may want to have this job done before delivery; however, the electrician will also need to hook up the swim spa to the power source. So, to reduce costs, some owners opt to have all their electrical needs taken care of after the delivery.

Water Heating

After the initial costs of the swim spa and installation, water heating will be one of your biggest expenses. It might be reasonable to think that you can reduce heating costs by turning off the heater after each use, but the fact is that maintaining a consistent water temperature is much cheaper than having wide temperature fluctuations. Your best aid in reducing water heating costs is to replace the cover whenever the swim spa isn’t being used.

Water Chemistry

You’ll need to regularly add chemicals to keep the water chemistry balanced. This will ensure the water is clean, fresh, and safe to swim in. To reduce the amount of chemicals needed, test the water regularly, replace the cover whenever the swim spa isn’t in use and make sure everyone takes a shower before getting in the water.

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